Valentine's Gift Guide Feature: Budding Artists, #art #ldnont #creativity

Committed to the promoting creativity, Budding Artists is located in London, Ontario and offers a variety of school and group based art fundraisers, studio instruction and creating custom keepsakes.

For Valentine's Day, Budding Artists wants you to Share the Love. Simply send in your child's Heart Art for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate!

As a extra special for Valentine's Day, Budding Artists is also offering 10% off travel mugs, coffee mugs and water bottles! A great gift for the kiddos to give mom or dad as a special keepsake!

I love the idea of turning your childrens artwork into keepsakes. It's such a sweet idea, and teaching them an appreciation for their art is something that I think is really important. Preserve those memories and their artwork with Budding Artists.