The Final FlyDIY Giveaway

Yes folks, it's the final FlyDIY business card giveaway. We've got a little chevron, a little Aztec and a little abstract stripe action going on today, all in lovely bold Ink Effects colors.

We all know my love of chevron, and what I wasn't expecting was to love the Aztec pattern so very much. It turned out really beautifully and I certainly will be sad when it gets a new home with the winner of this giveaway!

 Isn't it pretty?!

 And both the chevron and stripes turned out really well too!

Now's your chance to be one of three winners!!

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FlyDIY Giveaway Number Three!

Today, I wanted to share with you my absolutely favourite Ink Effects business card design....the dandelion wish. I am absolutely thrilled with how this one turned out. It's stunning!

Isn't it dreamy? I love the whole trend of dandelion wishes right now, so seeing it come to life with the Ink Effects was pretty awesome.

I have two other Nature inspired holders that are in this giveaway too!

Love them? Win them right here!

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FlyDIY Giveaway #2!

Another friday, another FlyDIY Giveaway! We are getting nautical with these two business card holder designs, and there will be TWO winners this time!

I love all things nautical. There is something really charming about the anchor and the rope. They fit together so perfectly.

So, which waves fit you?

The card holders are great and are perfect for slipping in your purse. Pop in your credit or debit card, some cash and business cards and you're all set to go!

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FlyDIY Business Card Holder Giveaway

Happy friday, friends! Can you believe that it's been two weeks since we hosted FlyDIY? Neither can we!

Over the past week, I've been working with my collection of DecoArt Ink Effects to create some really awesome designs for the business card giveaway!

Here are the first three designs!

Beautiful, abstract brush strokes in blue, purple, yellow and green!

Now three of you can win one!

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Branding with Business Cards

It's a new year, which means to some that you need a new look to freshen up your business and present yourself in the best possible light. Thankfully, I have a fantastic design team with my graphic designer, Tiffany Kuehl Designs, and my amazing printer, The Printing House!

After attending BlogHer last summer, I took a long hard look at my blog and the brand that I was starting to establish. Where did I want it to go? Did I want to work with some larger companies in my field? Was I ready to elevate my game?
Business Card front {before}
The answer to those questions was a resounding YES I wanted to work with larger companies {and thankfully have been able to!}, and I wanted to elevate my game as a professional home decor blogger. So why was a business card so important for me?

Well, it's the first impression of my brand that anyone will get when they meet me in person. Does it look the way I want my brand to look?

Previously, it was okay. It was professional, but pixelated, and could have been better. This is where you are better served leaving it to the professional graphic designers, like Tiffany Kuehl Designs. After she overhauled my blog in September, I asked her about a business card to match.

Business Card front {after}
After getting the design that reflected my blog and brand, I sent it of to The Printing House - even they loved the design! The printing options through TPH are fantastic - folded business cards, rounded corners, little cut outs to set you above the fold and make you stand out. Remember, you want your business cards to be unforgettable!
Business Card back {after}
 We chose to put a UV coating on the cover of my cards, and I have received so many compliments on them. They are a thicker cardstock than what I've seen other companies use, and they're something I am proud to hand out, knowing that they accurately reflect my blog and brand!
completed cards
Need new cards or a design overhaul? Contact Tiffany Kuehl Designs and The Printing House!

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. I was not compensated by Tiffany Kuehl Designs for this post, but do receive my business cards as a form of sponsorship from The Printing House.


Introducing my BlogHer'13 Team!

It seems like just yesterday that I was packing my bags and boarding the plane for New York City to attend BlogHer'12. In reality, it was just over two months ago and I have learned so very much from going to the largest international blogging conference out there.

I'm already lining up sponsors for BlogHer'13 in Chicago, and am so happy to announce that TPH Canada, Tina Dean Designs, Kristine Cook Designs and Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian are back on board with me!

Kristine Cook Designs created three stunning outfits for me for BlogHer'12, and I am thrilled to get the chance to showcase Kristine's ready-to-wear line in Chicago. Having seen her design book over dinner a few weeks ago, I know that they will be pieces that will be flattering on every body type and make you feel like you want to get out of your pj's in the morning. Kristine's work is amazing and she pays particular attention to detail with ruffles, buttons and other feminine touches that make her work one of a kind and truly unique.

Working with Tina Dean Designs this past year has been a dream come true. Tina has been working hard to become an expert in textile design, and boy does it show!  I'm really excited to be able to showcase Tina's amazing eco-chic designs in Chicago, and she's even collaborating with Kristine to make sure that my look is coordinated head-to-toe; amazing, eh?! I see some fabulous fused clutches in my future, and you can bet your bottom dollar that my messenger bag will make a reprise as my carry-on and Expo Hall bag!
Remember those incredible media cards that TPH printed for me a few months ago? Remember how they were absolutely incredible to work with, offered eco-options and funky shapes of business cards? Well they're joining up with me for my media cards that I'll be handing out to brands and bloggers in Chicago! Their printing services are absolutely amazing; high quality, digital printing at its finest. I cannot wait to share more information about this fantastic brand with you in monthly features!

I felt every bit the belle of the ball at BlogHer with my sparkly earrings, bracelet and amazing long necklace from Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian, so I was thrilled when Amber emailed me to express interest in styling my accessories for BlogHer'13. Amber's designs are truly inspired and she uses only the best raw materials, from recycled metals to big sparkly druzies. I cannot wait to share Amber's new work with you and talk about the inspiration behind her designs.

More sponsors will be announced as the month's unfold, but I just could not wait to share this news with you all!


BlogHer Sponsor Love: The Printing House

You may have noticed that one thing that I am big on is branding. My Etsy shop banner is the same as my Facebook profile picture is the same as my blog header.

It's also the cover art for my *new* gorgeous to the n'th degree business cards that I just got from TPH Canada!

Do you have a brand that is slightly all-over-the-place? Graphics not matching up? What do you want your brand or blog to say about you?

Let TPH Canada help! Check out their new video about branding and the importance of {gorgeous} business cards!

Blogger{at}BlogHer12: Business Cards!

The theme for this weeks' Blogger{at}BlogHer12 hop is your hand outs!

I've got to say, perfect timing! My business cards were just finalized this morning with my printing sponsor

and I adore them!
front of the cards with my beautiful logo

back of the cards with shop, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and email information
Now, these are my business card sized handouts that will be given to some bloggers here and there, but I'm also going to be doing a 4x6 postcard size with amazing coverart photography from Hanlon Lain Photography on the front, and then some quips about me and what you'll find here at the Sweet Stella's blog. I don't want my cards to be all about links and email addresses ~ I want them to speak about who I am as an artist and much more than a link!
 Linking up with Living With Peanut! Are you going to BlogHer'12? Link up with us!

Local Love Monday: A Paper Buffet

I am so incredibly excited to feature this Etsy shop today!!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie, walking the aisles of Angelo's and trying to find an elusive slice of pie or two. I've had the pleasure of sitting with her over coffee and chatting about Etsy, what makes us tick as artists and keep up to date with her {while only living about 8minutes away from one another} on twitter.

Now...I get to share that with you!

What will you find at A Paper Buffet? Only the finest paper creations, from beautiful handmade greeting cards to gorgeous bookmarks, tags, boxes and even nostalgic memory games for kids!

{Green Damask paper flower bookmark}

{handmade Mother's Day cards}

Seriously beautiful, right?! What I love about Stephanie is that she sources alot of her papers locally. There's a few great shops in town that she scouts paper at and then turns it into the most gorgeous cards and creations that I have seen in a very long time!

Catch up with Stephanie and A Paper Buffet on Etsy, Twitter and Facebook!

Thankful Thursday: Picnik

I know that it's still Wednesday, but I'm really hopeful that the weather will cooperate tomorrow and I'll be able to get out on our favourite trail for a nice 10km walk in the morning, followed by a lengthy banner-creation session when Mr. O has a nap in the afternoon *fingers crossed*

Recently, I've been incredibly thankful for

I don't necessarily use to to edit product photos or things like that, but I do use it to design lovely things like...Photo collages for promotional listings, silent auction donations and charity events

New business cards for the Emmy's



I really enjoy the soften feature, where I upload my logo and soften the entire picture, then write on the top on it in black font for a custom listing

The versatility of the program is outstanding. In addition to the soften feature, you can put your pictures into black and white, sepia, tone up or down certain colours, concentrate on one colour or another...the possibilities are endless!

For a MOMpreneur who needs to keep overhead down, it's a great program and has really simplified graphic design for me! And...keeping processes simple is something I am incredibly thankful for!