Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to Us!

This weekend (tomorrow, actually), my husband and I celebrate 6th years married...and 10 years total together. Kind of crazy that it's a third of our lives!

So very much has changed since then....

Another birth!
More babies!
Moving too many times to count

And we did it, together.

Very, very...happily...together.

Happy anniversary!

Sixth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her #anniversay #giftforher

As we celebrate six years of wedded bliss {or chaos...your pick!} this month, it's time for another mini gift guide...this time gifts for her!

Sixth Anniversary gifts are traditionally iron or candy, and for this girl...that is a-ok! The modern gift for a sixth anniversary is wood, but we did that last year for our fifth so this year I will be focusing on traditional gifts.

I love being creative when it comes to traditional gifts. Our first year was paper, so I got my husband the sheet music from our first dance song. This year is iron...iron...rail way...spikes. Both the rose gold necklace and steel bracelets are a great iron option from Happy Laura Jewelry are not only beautiful, but are incredibly unique. I love the design, both industrial and feminine!

Another great iron option are these wrought iron bracelets from gurly girl. They remind me of an old wrought iron fence, and would look beautiful in a stack of glittery bangles!

As for candy...hello. Get her whatever her favorites are! For me, that's cherry blasters and Strawberry/Grape NERDS.

Happy anniversary, ladies!

Much Love Monday - our anniversary celebrations

This past Friday, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. What started out as an ordinary day, ended with sweet surprises, a spotless house and a beautiful new outlook on our life, relationship and home.

After running errands with our son, I set off to Artistic Spa for a sugar scrub and massage. My best girl Heather had given me gift cards for my birthday last year and I hadn't used them. Given everything that has gone on over the past few weeks, I figured that I deserved a little trip to the spa.

What I didn't know is that my sneaky husband had booked a manicure and pedicure for me! I was super confused when the ladies at the spa told me I had more treatments, and was borderline argumentative, insisting that they had me confused with someone else and that I really did not have any more treatments.

I came home to a sparkling house. I was already in shock from the mani/pedi and then a clean house? Heaven!

Hubs was super thoughtful (and apparently reads the blog, so the wooden box I created a few weeks ago was no surprise. Whoops!) and picked out wine from a few places that we went to on our honeymoon, and selected a gorgeous wooden bracelet from a local shop.
The leggings and suede booties? My anniversary gift to myself!

We set off for dinner at my favourite restaurant in London, Ontario, The Tasting Room, and then to Marble Slab for my kind of night cap!

It really was the perfect way to celebrate! Cheers to many more years of anniversary dates!


On this day, five years ago

I married he man of my dreams. The man who drove me home in the worst of storms so I could be with my family pup, Tony, when we said good-bye.

The man who held me when I crumpled on the floor upon hearing from the police officer that my Dad died.

The man who didn't give up on me, even when I drove away from him.

To that man, thank you. Thank you for believing in me; for putting up with my mess of art supplies that always take over the kitchen; for not caring if our floors are dirty and haven't been washed in months.

Thank you for loving me.

We danced to this song as our last-dance before to bid our guests goodnight and slipped away on our wedding night. I love this song, and will for the rest of my life when I think of that moment.


Much Love Monday: Recreating the Cake

I've had this idea for a little while now. I want to recreate our wedding cake and surprise my husband with it at a nice dinner while we are on our little weekend away in Collingwood.

It was simple and pretty...chocolate with vanilla buttercream. The topper was custom made by a local artist and was perfect.

The knife was my parents and was engraved with their wedding date and names. We still have it and I love it.

Five years later, I would totally do a different cake with a little more creativity and flair. Because of our venue, I felt an intense amount of pressure to make sure everything was overly formal. For those of you who've gotten to know me over the pat few years, you know that I am a little more freespirited than formal....artsy fartsy than country cluby.

While I won't be able to {or would want to} have the cake from the same location, I am considering doing a single tier like ours, but have it handpainted in the green apple...almost in a watercolor application.

I'd also love to have some of these for the topper!

How beautiful would they be on top of a single tier? And even better if they are created by Laura from 2Clvr 4 U Designs!


Much Love Monday: Blue Mountain

I am really excited that this year for our anniversary we are going to be spending a few days away from home...sans toddler.

We've been wanting to get a way for some time now, and September seems the perfect time to head up north to Collingwood and Blue Mountain

Isn't it beautiful? I went to the Westin Trillium House with some girlfriends for a bachelorette weekend a couple of years ago, and it was such a blast. The resort is stunning, and the village is such a fun place to go. There are all sorts of neat little shops, activities and even a spa for relaxation.

When was the last time you went on a trip with your spouse? Where did you go?


Much Love Monday: 5th Anniversary Ideas

My husband and I are about a month away from celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. While I am eclectic and unique in pretty much every other aspect of our lives, when it comes to exchanging anniversary gifts, I get pretty sentimental and traditional.

First anniversary was paper...he received sheet music of our first dance song
Second was cotton...he received beautiful new bedsheets {he's a picky one when it comes to our sheets}
Third was leather...but I cannot remember what I got him. A new wallet I think?
Fourth was fruit or flowers, and linen...he received a linen tie from Fox and Brie with a coral underside in a floral pattern

Fifth is wood and silverware. {get your giggles out now}

Here are my top picks for traditional fifth anniversary gifts for that handsome groom of yours {and mine}!

Mid Century office globe with wooden base by Modred12

Driftwood coasters by Railis

Ziricote inlay cufflinks by WalkingDune

Peppermill and salt grinder by tealandgold

All of the above options I am certain are ones that my husband would love, even the peppermill and salt grinder. They are modern, chic, and that is something he is coming to appreciate both in style and home decor.

The ultimate option I will be keeping under wraps as I am really really excited about it and don't want to spoil the surprise!

What anniversary are you celebrating? Do you like traditional gifts, or do you do something more unique?


Fall Fashion Forward

Gone are the days of shorts and tees...here are the days that I covet the most!!

Fall is a time for cozy fashion, and I absolutely adore being able to dress up an outfit with a funky structured scarf, pair of amazing boots, or a snuggly sweater.

One of my favourite items of this season is the wool houndstooth convertible scarf from BailyBelle.

My absolute favourite element of this scarf is the button detail. It just finishes off the piece so beautifully!

Can't you just picture it with a white longsleeved tee, dark skinny jeans, and riding boots??

SWH4T$: Love {in a} Jar

Happy Thursday everyone, and welcome back to She Works Hard for the Money - a bloghop for hard working mamas to share their time and money saving tips!

The rules are super simple!

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Have fun linking up and finding her blogs to read!


Love {in a} Jar

So...my husband decided to be super romantic this Valentine's Day and booked us a night at a local hotel, a romantic dinner, and even got a baby sitter for our son. I was shocked...pleasantly surprised...but absolutely shocked!

And I had squat to give him!

I started thinking and came up with this cute idea, which would be perfect for anniversaries as well!


1 jar (I used a large jam jar)
3 pieces of paper
10 pieces of his favourite candy (Rockets for my Hubster)

Soak your jar a sink of hot water. This will make scrapping the label off a sinch!

While your jar is soaking, cut your paper into strips. They don't have to be perfect by any means. I did 5 notes for every year that we've been married, and 5 extras.

Set aside 5 strips of paper

Write out love notes on the remaining strips of paper. Reasons you love him...are proud of him...proud to be his other-half...proud of him as a father Really anything that you love about him.

On the 5 you set aside, write out activities to do together. Thing like...slow dancing...taking a walk together...whatever you'd like! Wrap them around his favourite candy

Scrape the label off the jar, and dry it thoroughly...you don't want those papers getting wet!

Once the jar is dry, stuff it with the notes, activities and extra candies!

Sweet and corny, but super thoughtful!

Link up your crafty, thrifty and frugal ideas with us!

MyMemeories Suite Software...We Have a Winner!

Wowzah! Well this Anniversary Celebration is absolutely amazing, and I am so pleased that we had 90 entries into the MyMemories Suite Software Giveaway!

A huge congratulations to....

To the winner, I will be in touch very soon with your promotional code from MyMemories!

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Happy {digital} scrapping!

MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the Sweet Stella's Anniversary Celebration!

I have had the pleasure of playing with, and reviewing {and loving} the MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking Software.

Are you a scrapbooker? Blogger? Graphic Designer? Well this is the software for you {and you'll have a chance to to win it at the end of the post!!}

I'm not exactly the best with graphic design and making this pretty. Give me paper, scissors and glue...I'm your girl. But a computer, eek! Or at least, that's what I thought...

The MyMemories software makes digital scrapbooking SO easy! The program is incredibly user friendly, gives a step by step and has really amazing layouts!

First and foremost, the installation process is a breeze. I could let it run in the background, and come back to it when it was finished...but still be able to work on things that needed my attention...and not have to reboot when I was finished.

I LOVE that I can select any template, add in pages to make sure I have enough for the album, then select pictures from my computer to fill in the spots. This makes organizing all of the special events in my son’s life so incredibly easy! The first album I did was all about his first birthday party, and the On The Spot template was perfect for his Mickey theme!

The Control Panel at the side makes it really easy to add word art to customize your pages, which means that you can journal literally anywhere to tell a story. I especially like that you can save and return to your projects at any time. For me, I’m on the go with my son so much that I only have a few minutes here or there to work on projects like this (very much the reason why I have printed pictures for a physical scrapbook that hasn’t even begun to materialize over the course of 16months!). Ease of use, and ease of time! Brilliant!

And this isn’t just for scrapbooking folks! Think about the possibilities….books customized for your children, calendar’s for the Grandparents, gifts for everyone! Which is perfect with the holidays just around the corner!

I played around with…

Christmas cards – simple and beautiful, and I can share it digitally with our family! Eco-friendly! How cool is that!?

Family collage of my maternity and newborn photo shoots with a buttercream background, I love it and will definitely be framing this one for our new house.

Product collage for Sweet Stella’s with cool backgrounds, screw embellishments and string!

A birthday invitation for Owen's 2nd Birthday! LOVE IT!

You can even add media and video! How cool is that?! We have alot of family that is out of town, so being able to share the moments when Owen first rolled over, crawled and walked is something that is really special, and MyMemories makes it so easy!

MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking Suite is giving away to one lucky reader of Sweet Stella's a full version of their amazing software!

AND for you lucky, lovely people a special code which provides a 10% discount off the purchase of the MyMemories Suite software, and a $10 coupon at the MyMemories store! A $20 value!

Code: STMMMS4024