Seating Options for a Home Art Studio

Creating the perfect space in my home art studio for sketching out new designs and working on gallery proposals has been a bit of a challenge. Until now, my storage has been all over the place and I haven't been able to configure the space properly to make it super functional.

I'm oh so close to having the perfect space, seating area included but what is missing? The seat!

Here is my inspiration for the seating area

Studio seating area

Cover chair
105 CAD -

Emerald green home decor
11 CAD -

Oak end table
51 CAD -

Light shade
38 CAD -

Sur La Table glass canning jar
4.12 CAD -

I LOVE the bold red chair, and it is by far the most perfect one that I have found. Legs slung up over the arm, back against the other arm. The only thing missing is a pillow, but I know this girl who can handpaint them and make one that is totally unique for this space ;)

The end table I would paint white or light grey to match the rest of the furniture in the room and lighten the look. I love the little shelf under the table and it will be perfect for sketch books.

Can we talk about the owl lamp from Target? Holy heck, it is adorable. I love finding whimsical little pieces like this, and love the black and white look.

The mason jar, which I already have, will be for my sketching pencils and felt tip pens.

And the air planter is the perfect little accessory for the top of the table, with the lamp, to breathe a little life into the space.

What do you think?