Fertility: Your Body, Your Journey, Your Choice.

Welcome to Sweet Stella’s Fertility Accountability and Wellness Challenge! I will be posting articles and challenges to our blog each month for the 2017 year about fertility in the hopes that it will create positive changes in your life whether its increasing your fertility, balancing your hormones or simply creating a better overall healthier you!

Throughout my doula experiences and my own personal fertility journey over the last 2.5 years, I have learnt quite a bit about fertility. I have had numerous clients ask me questions about fertility and have helped clients cope with the negatives of their fertility journeys. With the amount of people who struggle with fertility in the world I thought I would create something to get the word out.

By no means am I an expert in fertility, these blog posts are what I have learnt over the years and what has been recommended to me. I hope that you will learn a little something extra about your fertility journey or possibly even get another idea of something to try, because let’s be honest, if you are struggling with fertility you are almost willing to try anything. An important thing to remember is that everyone’s journey is different; so different things are going to work for different people. Accept your journey for what it is and fill your basket with the knowledge and the tools that you can to make the best of your journey.



April Self Care Challenge Checkin

You know what tomorrow is? MAY! That means more flowers blooming in the garden, buds on trees (if they aren't there already) and a whole new smell to the air!

How did you do?? Were you able to take an hour or two, by yourself without kiddos to wrangle and watch, to dig in the dirt?

What did you plant to bloom this summer and fall?

With each new month, these challenges will get easier and easier to work into your busy schedule and you will see the worth of taking time for yourself at least once a month.

There is no room for guilt in these exercises. It is absolutely essential for you to take time away from your kids and spouse, and get back to who you are as a person. When you feel happy and fulfilled, you are able to give who you truly are to those around you.

Another self care challenge is coming tomorrow!


Self Care Challenge Check-in

Time for an accountability check!

If you haven't taken time to have a girls night out, even just for a drink or a coffee, today is your last chance. Well...at least for the month. I strongly encourage you to seek the comfort and conversation of your girlfriends at least once a month. It may just be a quick lunch when everyone has an hour to spare (my bff's and I try to shoot for one Tuesday a month) or it may be going mall walking and catching up while the baby's sleep in their strollers. Whatever the case, make it happen.

So! Let's here it! Where did you go? Did you try a fancy new drink?