BlogHer Sponsor Love

Another set of amazing sponsors that helped pave my way to NYC and an oh-so-stylish way!

When I first talked to Tina about my needs for BlogHer, all I mentioned was a messenger bag to use on the plane and during the day sessions. Little did I know that she would whip up some amazing fused work, and a sparkly VHS wristlet that looked amazing and eco-chic.  I am so proud to have carried these pieces, and we're already conspiring for Chicago!

Working with Amber on my accessories was like a dream. She took inspiration from who I am as an artist, my life story, and my fashion tastes and created some truly one of a kind designs. While each piece holds special meaning and I love in its own unique way, I truly truly love the Let It Be pendant with ruby gemstone. She created this piece custom for me, one side dedicated to my father {Let It Be was his favourite song, and is my memorial tattoo to him} and the other side to my husband {paisley pattern...he loves him some paisley ties!}. I cannot thank Amber enough for her inspired designs, that I am wearing over and over and over again!

Arygle Art in the Park

This past Saturday, I was able to take park in a really awesome event in one of our most beautiful parks in London, Ontario.

It was my first time using my Banners On The Cheap vinyl banner, and I think that it looked so incredibly beautiful. Patrons were constantly commenting on it, and it really helped my booth to have a lovely branded and professional feel.

At my booth, I had a wall of paintings on repurposed old shutter doors. Unfortunately, the paintings kept falling off with every gust of wind and by 2pm, I has thrown in the towel. By 4pm, I'd figured out how to make them stay, only didn't have the materials to pull it off. Oh well! At least I have figured out how to make the shutter doors work {people loved them, and said it made them feel like they were in my studio!}

I also had my lovely MDF bifold display, that I built myself. I loved it and it tied everything together really well! Now, it's up in my studio as a way to get my paintings hung and constantly on display. Awesome!

I also had a tiered stand of accessories, and bracelets hanging from my vase-trees.

All in all, it felt the way I had envoisioned. It was like I was inviting people into my studio, and sharing with them why I paint the way that I do...

The compliments were incredible! I was told by very established artists that I am very talented and was born to paint. Others made comments about the fluidity of the movement in my work, something that I try really hard to achieve. Another artist was on her way back to her booth, and did a double take...circling back and gasping at every painting she saw, eventually telling me that she was very impressed by my skill.

The best compliment that I go all day was by a fellow artist, who {thinking I was younger than I am} asked if I knew who Jackson Pollock was. Yes, most definitely I do, and when he went on to say that my work is very reminiscent of the abstract impressionist masters...I just about died.

From the lovely shutter doors, to my incredible banner from Banners on the Cheap, to the bifold screen...the experience could not have been better! I am overwhemlingly proud of the response rom the public, and it has reaffirmed that I am indeed on the right path!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: Hanlon Lain Photography...getting messy!

Last month, I had the great pleasure of working with my BlogHer sponsor Hanlon Lain Photography  on a fantastic photo shoot. 

I had a vision of me in one of her fields with my canvases, paint and easel…just being me and being inspired by the space around me. 

The messier part of the vision was that I would end up covered in paint….head to toe {not hair to toe…} in paint. My feet were an absolute mess by the end of the shoot since I was literally standing in the drippings off the paintings and my easel, and my hands were blue by the time everything dried and I got home {and I still had to go to the grocery store!}

I would never in a million years have thought to capture what Laina did. Her use of angles, the way she captures the light that no one else can see, and the way she caught my expression was incredible. I was able to just paint, do my thing and have her capture who I am as a true artist.

The entire experience was amazing. It made this whole artist thing seem...real. Like this is what I was meant to do and who I was meant to be. What an amazing feeling!

I am absolutely thrilled to feature one of her photos on the bio-side of my media cards that will be passed out at BlogHer this year!

Celeb{rate} Tuesday: The Graceful Ballerina

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

A few months ago, I started following Tenley Molzahn on Twitter and Facebook. I had admired her spirit way back when she was on The Bachelor, and was thrilled when she and Kiptyn declared their love for one another {and are happily still going strong}

She just exudes happiness and joy. She's stunning, to say the least, an i am so happy to have created a one of a kind oversized statement ring for her.

A beautiful white pansy with a plum coloured stamen and dark green tendrils. I sketched it out and just knew that it needed to find a home in Tenley's collection.

The creativity flowed into a beautiful reporter style journal with a beachy feel, and an antique skeleton key.

Hopefully she likes them!

What do you think?

Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Hair Accessories

Anyone who knows me in real life {which is alot of you out there! Thanks for your support, friends!} knows that I love me a fabulous hair accessory, preferably in the shape of a bow or a rosette.

I have lots....a few made by a dear friend, and two pieces from a shop that I admire with all of my heart, Pixel&Hank.

Since I've been sculpting a tonne lately, I thought to myself what about hair accessories?!

Silver and pale pink on a silver 5mm headband. The rosettes are approximately 2" each, affixed to the headband with epoxy.

They've hit the Etsy shop, and I just absolutely love the response that they're getting.

And it's not just headbands either!

I've had some custom orders for sculpted hair clips, which have turned out amazingly!

Tangerine! The Pantone colour for 2012!

I'm having so much fun making spring accessories!

Any requests??