Postnatal Summer Fashion #pregnancy #postnatal

When I had our first son, it was mid June. It wasn't super crazy hot yet, but the warm weather was definitely on its way. I learned very quickly that soft flowy fabrics, a good pair of sandals and simple accessories will become your best friend.

Postnatal Summer Fashion

Dresses were my favorite when I was in that first postnatal phase after having Owen, and they are this time around as well. Look for empire waisted, soft fabrics that don't cling to your tummy. Bonus points if you can find dresses with detail like the ruched neckline of the one above. A little detail can add just enough visual interest to make even the simplest summer dress special.

Gladiator sandals are still my favorite type of footwear for summer, and unless you're dealing with postnatal edema and swelling, they'll likely become yours too.

For accessories, think big floppy beach hat, structured fedora, or open weave cuff and long necklace like the ones pictured above.

Ultimately, you want to be comfortable, but feel human again!

Spring to Summer Handbag Collection #fashion #accessories

Another challenge that I made for myself on my editorial calendar was to curate a collection of beautiful handbags that would take you from Spring to Summer, with each one being under $50.

Spring to Summer Handbags 2014

These seven handbags are all $50 or less. Certainly ones that will not break the bank, and will get you through Spring and Summer...and special events in the fall.

When looking at handbags for Spring and Summer, look for pastel shades of your favorite color. Love plum? Opt for lilac. Need a bold pop of red? Consider coral! Add in details such as wristlets, buckles, fringe toggles, and zippers and you can instantly and economically update your wardrobe with just one item.

My favorites in the collection are the white wristlet in the centre (Mango, $50) and the two tone tan shopper bag (MG Collection $39).

The white wristlet is appropriate for pretty much every single outfit in your wardrobe from skirts and dresses to shorts and jeans. Great for a wedding, brunch, bridal shower...or just running out or errands!

The two tone tan shopper bag is a great all-year every day bag. I definitely see it as a daytime bag, not for evening, and it's large enough to throw in a travel wipes pack and a diaper in, so you can carry on throughout your errands.

Do you have a go-to bag once the weather warms up?


Accents for your Powder Room, #homedecor

Spring is one of those times where I start itching to redo little areas in our breathe new life into them, bring clarity and a bit of brightness into the various rooms that seem to go neglected. Right now I am really really wanting to redo our small powder room on the main level of our house.

Currently, the walls are a caramel brown, trim is white. Counter is dark and the cabinetry is dark. Fixtures are chrome. Transom get the idea.

Oh and no natural light. It's in the hallway off our main foyer, between the basement entry and our laundry/mud room and garage. Nothing to write home about, but something that gets used every single day and is just so...dark.

Accessories for a small space are so important. They can pump a room up or really leave it wanting more.

Here is my inspiration for the new accessories for our powder room.

Powder Room Accents

Since we will be painting the walls a light grey {all of the main rooms in our home eventually will be a light grey} I wanted to stick with some classic spa inspired colors for the accents. My favorite from the collection above is the Calm candle from H&M and the lace inspired white vase. The vase in particular has such texture and movement to it, while the message on the candle is just pure and simple.

Behind the toilet, I am thinking of adding shelving for things like extra towels, a tissue holder and possibly a plant of some sort.

What are the essential items to have in your powder room? Is there anything that I'm missing??


Top Picks for Winter Accessories 2014

What is a season without a collection of awesome accessories?

Winter Accessories 2013

I love this little collection SO HARD. The whimsical mittens remind me of my bff, Heather. She always has cute mittens and these ones were too awesome not to include in this Winter Accessories collection.

Every winter calls for a great hat; well at least every Canadian  winter. In a rich kelly green hue, this one is perfect.

Arm warmers and boot cuffs were items that I never considered before, but at taking centre stage as trendy accessories. These fun SNOW arm warmers are sure to keep your arms warm under a light winter coat, and your hands covered when it's cold but not too cold outside.

A great scarf is also a necessity for winter, and having one in a simple white will make it a staple in your wardrobe.

Along the animal theme, I found this super adorable bunny hair pin. And, this minty nail polish is a great compliment and pop of color for winter.

I am an absolute sucker for a pair of soft knitted boot slippers. I have a pair that are currently falling apart, and they keep me warm and cozy all winter long. These ones would be a great replacement for my current pair!

What are your favorite winter accessories?

Valentine's Gift Guide Feature: Baily Belle, #handmade #jewelry #accessories

You've seen me feature Baily Belle time and time again, and it's one Etsy shop that I continue to support and shop from. Designer Vanessa Baily has been creating up a storm of beautiful, unique and one of a kind pieces for her shop Baily Belle, and I'm thrilled to be featuring her in the Valentine's Gift Guide.

One of her newest pieces that I absolutely adore is her handmade customizable dreamcatcher necklace. I have never seen anything quite like it and it is so beautiful, it is worth adding to your collection.

Stunning right? As a special treat for Sweet Stella's readers, Vanessa is offering a great discount for Valentine's Day!


Gift Guide Featurette: Bellacoco Designs

If you have a little girl on your gift giving list for Christmas 2013, you will want to check out the incredibly cute and trendy accessories handmade by London, Ontario designer Bellacoco Designs.

Bellacoco, which means "beautiful pumpkin" was born out of one mom's want to create pretty little things for her twin girls. Designer Mary-Ann Fougere then started making tutus, tutu dresses and accessories and a whole company was formed.

Mary-Ann saw alot of pastel and baby-like accessories on the market when Bellacoco Designs came to be. She wanted to create some really funky, fun and functional accessories, and I think she hit the nail on the head!

Each accessory is handmade, meaning that care, precision and attention to detail are taken by Mary-Ann to ensure that your item is perfect. With endless theme and color possibilities, the sky is the limit with Bellacoco Designs!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.


Boot Socks, the perfect accessory for Winter

Boots are the quintessential footwear for fall and winter, however sometimes can leave a little to be desired in the design category. More often than not, they have a buckle here or there, and come in three colors



My answer to jazz them up a bit and add some personality? Boot socks like these beauties from Grace and Lace

And yes, you can pair brown and grey, black and brown, brown and navy, black and navy together! I love these thick cable knit socks, and as you can see from the shop photos, you can wear them under pretty much any style of boot...and then in the house to keep your feet nice and toasty warm!


Trend Alert: Oak Leaves

One beautiful trend that I am in love with on Etsy is the use of oak leaves in women's accessories. They are delicate, feminine and reminiscent of Grecian goddesses {and hello, what woman doesn't want to feel like a goddess on a daily basis??}

Here are my top 5 oak leaf inspired accessory picks found on Etsy for Fall 2013!

Oak leaf headband by My Lavaliere

Oak leaf and acorn lariat by Briguys Girls

Oak leaf hair comb by Fawning in Love

Oak leaf bobby pins by A Pocket of Posies

Oak leaf adjustable ring by CoutuKitsch

Which one is your favourite?


1920's Fashion Inspiration

The iconic cloche hat is simple and stunning. Why don't more women wear hats? Are we all so worried about what our hair will look like when we take them off?

Don't we realize just how stunning they were in the 20's when women wore them with detailed coats and heels?

I absolutely love the detail on this hat in particular. The fold at the front, the strip of fabric and the bow. With bold red lips and some dark mascara this would be absolutely stunning on just about anyone {minus the fur coat}.

For daytime, I would pair this look with dark skinny jeans, a white tee and tall tan riding boots. The jacket? A structured wool peacoat with lots of buttons down the front.

For evening, a dress is a must! Knee length, black sequins...and with suede booties that mimic the same sort of folding and detail as the hat.



Spring Hair Accessories under $5

Handmade and colorful elastic hair ties seem to be all the rage right now, so when I saw these sets of 6 for $4.50 on Etsy, I knew it would make for a great addition to the $5 Etsy Fashion Find series!

The Giving Girl has 48 colors to choose from...crazy, right? But at $4.50 for a set of six, you could easily pick up a dozen or so different ones to coordinate with every spring outfit, without breaking the bank.

She even has some funky tie dye ones, in sets of 5 for just $4.10!

Happy hair tying!