Zaggora...2 weeks later

So, I've been wearing my Zaggora hotpants for the past two weeks when working out (three times a week). These work outs have included running, Insanity Plyometrics, Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance, and Insanity Cardio Recovery.

How did we do?

While I'm sure that it could have been better, I am pretty pleased with the results. I broke the 157lb barrier that I have been sitting at since March, which is great, and lost a total of 3" overall.

The biggest change that I saw from doing the Zaggora 2week Challenge was a decrease in bloating. The skin on my tush and my legs is considerably smoother, and I feel really confident in slimmer fitting pants. I even more some rockin' leggings out for dinner, with heels, for my anniversary and felt like a million bucks. Never would I have imagined that I would have that amount of confidence, and am very thankful to have found it.

The Zaggora hotpants, in my opinion, are a must for any runner or athlete looking to take their fitness to the next level. The amount of sweat that you will feel inside the pants is positively disgusting, but it's really amazing all at the same time to know that you are ridding your body of toxins, impurities and extra water.

Two thumbs up from this girl!

*Disclaimer: I received a pair of Hot Pants by Zaggora for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.


Taking the Zaggora 2 Week Challenge

Hey friends!

Today I started the Zaggora 2 Week Challenge. Every time I work out for the next two weeks (which will be every other day and sometimes more!) I'll be wearing Hot Pants by Zaggora; neoprene active wear designed to burn extra calories.

How do they work?

        Celu-Lite Technology™ is a patent pending, multi-layer fabric technology harnessing the body’s natural heat during exercise to help you burn more calories  - Zaggora

And just after one run in them, holy moly. I couldn't really feel them working, but when I got home from my run and went to take a shower...I had to peel the Hot Pants off. The lining was soaked, as were my delicates, and I know that they are working!

Interior of the pants...soaked to the bone!
I'm excited to see how my body changes over the next couple of weeks and to share it with you all! For now, check out all of the awesome Zaggora active wear and let me know your favorite! This tank is definitely going on my wishlist!

*Disclaimer: I received a pair of Hot Pants by Zaggora for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.


New Year New Me, Inspiration To Keep Going

Time for some inspiration!

How awesome are we as women? VERY!
We birth babies
We take on a world of stress
We rarely take time for ourselves
We care unconditionally for others
Did I mention that we birth babies??

Today, I want you to celebrate your awesome. Raise a glass, go for a run, look in the mirror and smile.

For you...are....awesome.

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Zaggora, the makers of Hot Pants, for this incredible reminder. This post was not sponsored.