Partners and Calm Birth

Hypnobirth and calm birth are often terms that tend to make even the most confident birth partners a bit timid.

How do they fit in?
What do they do?

Well, partners, we have some advice for you!

First and foremost, ask mom about her visions for birth right down to the language she would like you to use when describing her contractions, pain, surges, and labour progress.

Things to ask:
what visualization is helpful to you right now to make you feel calm?
How would you like me to refer to your contractions
How can I be the best birth partner for you?

Secondly, acknowledge that hypnobirth is typically a pretty quiet way of e may be music that she wants on in the background, but for the most part it is a really quiet process.

Be aware of what her music choices are, if there are any podcasts that she would like to listen to and be ready to put those on for her.

Help her with her breath. In hypnobirth, there are a few different ways of breathing and at this point she very likely has chosen her favourite method. Practice with you, and encourage her to return to her breath while she is in labour.

Labour is hard work, and she needs you to remind her of how amazing, strong, capable she is. Her body is doing incredible things and the more you surround her with peace, love, compassion, and a sense of calm, the better her birth will be.

Hypnobirth and Calm Birthing Practices

Calm Birth and Hypnobirthing is a great way to focus on your body and your baby throughout childbirth, acknowledging the waves and surges that your body feels and that with each breath, you are one step closer to meeting your baby. Learning these techniques and practicing them daily in your final trimester will guide you to having your most positive birth experience possible!

In this our online course, you will prepare for the birth of your baby in a very mindful way using various hypnobirthing techniques.

You will learn:
  • What is a Calm Birth
  • Why the Language of Birth Impacts Our Birth Process
  • How to Harness Positive Energy for an Empowered Birth
  • Various Breathing Techniques for Pregnancy and Labour
  • Meditation for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Birth Visions and Planning Your Birth

Your body was made for this and your birth will be an incredible experience that you will never forget. Harness and stand in your power. You can do this!

Enroll today!


A New Way of Learning!

You may have noticed that our workshop programming at North Yoga & Wellness has slowed down. Well there is very good reason for that!!

We recognize that programming specific classes and workshops doesn't always work with your schedule. You have baby showers to attend, registries to compile and babies to birth.

We have moved our workshops locally to an on request basis, offering 1-on-1 workshops and small class workshops still at North. We are also developing and publishing online workshops so that you can work through the content with a series of videos and PDF's at your own pace!

We have content created for....

  • birthPrep (Pregnancy and Birth Education)
  • Practices of a Calm Birth
  • Doulas, Dads and Partners
  • Planning Your Postpartum
  • Self Care for New Moms
  • The ABC's of Newborn Care
  • Baby Nutrition 101
  • Meditation for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Comfort Measures During Labour

And we are developing new content all the time! If you have a request for a certain topic that you would like a course designed on, please let us know. Our doulas are always working to do more research and stay up to date on current birthing methods and trends to provide you with the best support and care possible.

New Workshops, New Location!

You may have heard that we have a new home, and if not...surprise! We do!

We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing you content rich, amazing programming at our new home at North Yoga & Wellness! Here's a bit of what you can expect from our team!

5 week sessions led by our doulas, covering content such a newborn care, family transitions, birth practices, and so much more!

Weekly evening workshops to prepare you for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Regular Meet The Doulas events, where you can come and meet our team, engage with them, book your consultations and maybe even win a little something!

We are so happy to have found our place with North and are excited to offer you continued programming to enrich, soothe, and support you while on your journey through parenthood.

January Programming

Chakra Meditation
January 24-March 13, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Balance your Chakra's as we take 8 weeks to meditate and release our energy. Shannon will draw on her over 10 years of meditation practice by focusing on a new chakra every week, leading you in a comfortable and relaxing meditation experience. On the eighth week, we will do a full chakra energy scan and you will leave balanced, harmonious within yourself, acknowledging both that is within and without.

New Family Transitions
January 24-February 21, 2:00pm-3:00pm

New Family Transitions is a new 5 week session that Kristine will be adding to our programming. This will be an interactive class wherein Kristine will provide tools and techniques to help create a smooth transition to this new season of life. We will include such topics as household maintenance, visitors, relationship support, and more!

January 24-February 21, 3:00pm-4:00pm

birthPrep, our doula led childbirth education class, is launching in January and we couldn't be more thrilled about it! Kristine takes the helm of the first 5 week session and will be teaching everything from informed consent to home and hospital procedures, newborn care, postpartum recovery and more!

Practices for a Calm Birth
January 24-February 21, 4:00pm-5:00pm

Practices for a Calm Birth is back and will be held on Sunday afternoons for the course of 5 weeks. We will practice various breath techniques and positions, discover why the language we use surrounding birth impacts our process, and end each session with a prenatal meditation to help you visualize the best possible outcome for your birth.

New programming will be announced every month, so stay tuned! Classes fill up quickly, and advance registration is appreciated.