Outdoor Fall Decor ideas on Pinterest #homedecor #outdoor

I love decorating our front porch for the seasons. Usually at Halloween there are cobwebs everywhere, and for the Winter lots of branches with figure skates on the door. One season that I haven't quite mastered yet is Fall!

I love all of the ideas in this weeks Pinterest round up for a variety of reasons. Burlap, boxwoods, leaves and pumpkins. Pops of color with neutrals, wood with metal. The juxtaposition of the mixed elements is so awesome and makes for a really natural looking composition.

I love that the front door basket features an unexpected element with the starfish. The tones are super neutral, and while the starfish might be seen as a summery element, it fits with the color scheme really well.

Personalize your space with these family pumpkin decorations, a super easy DIY project that you can whip up in no time.

Add some burlap, feathers and dried flowers to your door with this gorgeous monogrammed wreath.

Fill an old watering can with leaves and place pumpkins at the base. Super easy, but it packs a punch and is beautiful in its simplicity. 

Or add a monogrammed pumpkin to your planters of mums for another element of personalization!

Our house number can sometimes be particularly difficult to see, so I think I may combine some of these elements with a watering can I already have, branches from the forest, and a large faux pumpkin or two to paint our house number on! Put those at varying heights between the garage doors, and we have some personalized outdoor fall decor!

Fall Crafts with Acorns #DIY #crafts

As the leaves fall off the trees and we start getting ready for snow, other things are also falling...like acorns! Crafting with them can be as simple as collecting them and filling a bowl for a centrepiece, but there are so many other things that you can do with them!

 Clockwise from Top Right

Personalized Acorn Christmas Ornaments from My Nearest and Dearest
Acorn Cap Candles by Create for Less
Acorn and Leather Napkin Holder
Acorn Tea Set by Red Ted Art (hello, adorable for a little fairy tea party!!)
Bell Shaker by Mini Eco

All it takes is a little creativity, and what I love most about using these elements is that your little ones can help gather the acorns, and prep them by sorting and washing them. Full prep instructions here!

My favorite project from the collection above is the acorn tea set. These little projects for fairytales and imaginative play are so awesome for little ones, and they definitely make me yearn for a little girl. I've seen fairy gardens and homes all over Pinterest, so this tea set would be perfect if your daughter loves all things fairies.

So get out there and collect your acorns, sort and wash them, then prep them for crafting. No matter what project you choose, it'll be a great, hands on experience for you and your children.

Summer to Fall on Pinterest

Upon searching summer to fall on Pinterest, I found some really amazing posts that I want to share with you here!

It seems that the natural transition is to layer up, go matte with makeup and embrace boots.

The top articles to help you with this transition?

How To: Transition Your Makeup bag from Summer to Fall from Makeup.com
4 Tips: Summer to Fall Fashion from GirlsGuideTo
How To Transition Your Makeup from Summer to Fall from The Life of the Wife
Summer to Fall Maxi Skirts from Deborah Simmons

How do you deal with the transition after months of warm weather? What pieces do you keep, and what pieces do you swap out?

Summer Cake, from Pinterest #food

Parfaits are pretty
Sorbet is sweet
but when it comes to entertaining, there is nothing better than having a beautiful cake to serve your guests.

I went in search of a yummy summer cake using seasonal fruits on Pinterest, and was overjoyed by this one!

First and foremost, the presentation is glorious. I love the slices of peach with their golden flesh, accented by the raspberry tones of the pit.

I also love that this cake uses peaches as the flavor. For summer, I find that so many use strawberries or raspberries, so it's nice to have a new fruit to enjoy in baking!

You can find the recipe here from The Baker Upstairs.

Master Bedroom Finds on Pinterest #homedecor #DIY

When looking at ways to spruce up our master bedroom, I obviously go to Pinterest. I have a whole board dedicated to our bedroom, but I wanted to find some quick DIY projects that would be easy for me to accomplish.

There are a few reasons why I chose these projects specifically.

First, we actually do not have a single full length mirror in our home. I'm not kidding, and wish I was. I've sure you've seen pictures of me standing on a toilet on Instagram to get a full length body shot for outfits...so...yeah. A full length mirror project like this herringbone mirror is on my to-do list. (found at Knock Off Decor)

Our side table lamps are the same Ikea lamps that we've had for years. You know, the cheap rectangular ones. Pretty boring. I would LOVE to do something like these DIY Bottle Lamps from The Inspired Room. They're light and airy, but grown up and beautiful.

At the end of our bed right now, we have the cedar chest that my grandmother gave me. Eventually I'll empty it out, and pass it onto Owen for the end of his bed, changing out the hardware and updating it a little. I love the idea of having a nice plush ottoman at the end of the bed, with a basket of blankets. This easy upholsterd ottoman is from Teal and Lime.

If you're in need of new art for your bedroom, check out this post from Blue Hour DIY. I love all of the pieces, but the one that struck me the most was this graphic piece on an over sized canvas. It's just so different than anything that I have seen, and carries a really beautiful message.

Have you completed a DIY project for your master bedroom recently? Leave me a link so I can check it out!


Planters a Plenty on Pinterest!

It's July...that means that we are very likely out on our decks and porches  enjoying the warm weather, listening to our children play and maybe even enjoying a bar-b-que with friends.

When I think of the warm weather, unfortunately it makes me think about mosquitos. More often than not, I can be found inside during that awesome BBQ with friends, while they all enjoy the warm summer night.

You see, I get bitten...badly. And I have had way too many sleepless nights with icepacks, salt solutions, After Bite and every other type of medication I can find at the ready on my night side table. It's brutal, so when I saw these beautiful double-duty planters on Pinterest, I knew that they would find a home on our deck this summer.

Lemon grass!

It is beautiful just on its own as a design element on your deck or for creating privacy, however apparently mosquitos aren't super fond of it!

What do you put in your planters for the summer?


Friday Fashion on Pinterest

Scouring the page of Pinterest is sometimes the bet thing to do when you're in a style rut. More often than not, I feel that this happens with the change of seasons, particularly in the Spring and the Fall.

Winter and Summer have pretty definitive styles associated with them here in Southwestern Ontario, but Spring and Fall can be iffy. It might be too chilly for shorts, but it could also be blistering hot!

I am in absolute love with this look that I found on Pinterest and think that it would make the best Spring or Fall outfit!

One word: layers. That's what makes this look work for both seasons. You can take the light sweater off, and roll up the sleeves of the button down shirt, or tie on a scarf if the wind has a bit of a chill to it.

And can we talk about the shorts for a second? The colour is that amazing mustard yellow that I am so very fond of, and they are flat front, which means that they will flatter just about everyone. It's the perfect pop of colour for Spring, or the perfect tone to compliment the rich colors in Fall.

What is your go-to wardrobe fix for the change of seasons?


Family Room Home Decor Ideas on Pinterest

Since we are featuring the Family Room in the New Year New Home series this month, I thought it would be nice to share some really fantastic family room home decor ideas from Pinterest this week!

Check out these bold and bright floor pillows

I love that they bring a pop of colour into home decor, as many family rooms are rather neutral with brown or taupe couches and recliners. They're fun for the kids to snuggle up and lounge on with a good book or to watch a movie.

Do you have floor pillows in your home?


Fabulous Find Friday...Inkspirations

As like most artists, I'm not without my permanent body art. It's a very big part of who I am, and I'm always on the look out {much to my husband's chagrin} to add more pieces. Pinterest is a fantastic place to gather images of Inkspiration!

While not where I would get a tattoo, the subject matter is one that I have been considering for a very long time. In the summer 2011, I lost a dear friend of mine. We met way back when we were in Delta Gamma together, and the anchor is our symbol.

Where will I be getting my anchor? On the outside of my right wrist, for a few reasons. I'm right handed, so that's the hand that generally is sketching, painting, and designing. It also has meaning within the bonds of sisterhood.

The rope of the anchor? It'll swirl around to the inside of my wrist and curl into an O {for Owen}.

Where do you get your Inspiration from?

Fabulous Finds Friday: Christmas Wreath Alternative

Have an old frame lying around? How about some Christmas ornaments? Well...then you can make this Fabulous Pinterest find!!

How lovely!! I really really love this idea...an old frame, spray painted a cheery red, with ornaments hanging down the centre and tied with a big green bow! It's bold, and very festive...and not your typical wreath {which is exactly what I love about it!! Out of the box thinking!}

Halloween Treats

Gone are the days of getting homemade fudge, candy apples and popcorn on Halloween. Oh, how I miss those days!! There was this little old couple if the village I grew up in {Sweaburg, ON} that would make the most delicious brown sugar fudge...mmmm

They'd invite you into their kitchen, and hand out the little bags of fudge that everyone so loved.

Nowadays, there's no way in heck that would happen {and I agree, now that I'm a mama and have a little Bear to protect!}.

But how awesome would these be to make and handout to trick-or-treaters?

Maybe I'll just have to have some friends over for a little get-together to test out some of these treats!

Eerie Hanging Ghosts

At the front of our house, we have a huge entry way...like I'm talking 20ft ceiling or something crazy. OUTSIDE!

What do I envision for halloween to accompany our mummified door?

I saw these on Pinterest and immediately tucked the idea away for the future. They're...well they're just creepy and if I do them big enough...might be overwhemlingly spooky for our trick-or-treeters!

I can't wait to make them! Balloons, cheese cloth and fishing line!

Spooky Door Decor

I'll be the first to admit that I don't go all out at Halloween. In fact, it's a holiday that I really don't care for.

A few years ago, while my now-husband-then-boyfriend and I were at a costume ball, I got the news from two police officers that my Dad has died. Sort of puts a damper on the whole holiday and getting dressed up thing.

Now that I'm a mom, and my son is almost-2.5 years old, I'm trying to make an extra effort to embrace the holiday this year since it will be his first one getting dressed up and going out trick-or-treating.

One thing I'm going to be doing...

That's right! Our door will be mummified!

White crepe paper streamers, two white plates and two black plates!

HUGE impact! I think Owen will love it, and hopefully the trick-or-treaters will too!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Flirty Fun Pinwheel Wreath

Oh...hey...it's my birthday! Ya know...the big 3-0!

So before I skip-to-ma-loo to go get ready and then celebrate with a cocktail party that my Hubs has been planning since January, here's a super cute way to dress up your door to make your guests feel cherry and bright!

How fun is that!?

Happy Friday!!!

10's of Fall...Pinterest decor ideas

Linking up with my gals Steph and Mel this morning to talk about some really amazing fall decor finds from Pinterest!

What am I finding the most inspiring this autumn season?



What I really love about all of these ideas is that they are easy...and something that you could do while your children are napping! Popping leaves into a frame, putting some found sticks from a nature walk into a tall vase, dunking a pumpkin {sprayed with adhesive} into glitter...voila! Autumn harvest in your own home!

What are your top 10 Pinterest fall home decor finds? Linkup with Steph and Mel today!



Fabulous Finds Friday: Pumpkins and Candles

Starting a fall series of Fab Finds today...and this is one that I absolutely adore! They most definitely are all going to be easy home decor how to ideas, ones that you can easily translate into DIY projects.

Four lanterns, filled with candles and pumpkins! For colour variation, try with gourds and squash!

I think these will look amazing on our porch at the end of the month! And what makes it even more awesome is that we can get all of the gourds and pumpkins locally at The Pumpkin Farm just around the corner!

Happy Friday!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Daylillies

One low maintenance plant that I absolutely adore is the daylilly.

I love ones that have an exciting burst of colour, are reliable and plentiful every year, and that keep to themselves wherever they are planted.

I think for our front garden, some yellows and purples will need to make an appearance.

These ones are simple and sweet...

While these ones have a bold impact!

Planted together, in between neatly trimmed boxwoods...a lovely walk up to the front door!

Happy weekend! Plant something pretty!

Fabulous Finds Friday: Pom Pom Dahlia's

While I'm not even sure that I can grow Dahlia's in our region {speaking of regions...anyone know what region London, Ontario is in??}, I really admire these for their unique shape, ribbon-like texture, and massive pop of colour!

Aren't they incredible?

For the front of our house, it's like a wall of grey. Our house is a light grey stucco, our door is a dark grey. Our grass, obviously is green, and the driveway is an interlocking concrete brick.

Lots and lots of grey.

How amazing would these pom pom dahlia's be for a pop of colour?

SWH4T$: Pinteresting Printables

One of the trends I've been seeing lately is printing things out at home, instead of buying them ready made at the store.  Most printers today have settings to allow for ink-saving, therefore printing at home has become much more cost-effective than it used to be.  Lately, I've been finding a lot of printables on Pinterest (duh).

Lately I've become an organizing freak, as in I've labeled almost 50% of the contents of my kitchen cabinets.  OCD much?  Here are a few of my favorite printable labels (free, of course!)

Source: bhg.com via Shannon on Pinterest

I used these in my kitchen, the blue ones (my favorite color :)

These are great because you can download an editable PDF file and type out the text you want directly onto the label (great for messy handwriters!)

I do better when I have a task list, and planning pages are a great way to get things done.  Especially for all you mommy bloggers, blog planning pages are a great way to brainstorm ideas, keep yourself organized, and stay in check with your marketing strategies!

I like this one because of the pretty colors (I sound like a 4 year old, right?) and also for the fact that you get 2 pages on 1 8.5x11 inch piece of paper :)  Eco-friendly and cheap :)

I like this one because of the stats box at the bottom.  Its hard for me to remember my growth in stats, so its nice to have a place to write down where you were at that moment in time.

Coloring Pages
Why buy a coloring book when your kid is probably only going to mark up a few pages and then get sick of it?  Print out pages one by one, and don't waste paper :)

We like this one for obvious reasons :)  CARS!

This whole website has free printables, but I especially like the number and alphabet coloring pages because they are simple.  I feel like toddlers get overwhelmed with lots of lines, so these are straight to the point.

How do you use your home printer to save money?  Have any favorite free printables you'd like to share?

Fabulous Finds Friday: Toiley Paper Planters

That's right...toilet paper planters.

When I first saw it on Pinterest, I thought "ya right...in a million years"

but then I considered it. It saves space and totally saves time, and starts your little plants off right. Most toilet paper tubes are made from undyed materials, often times recycled materials. An eco friendly option...put them on a tray and leave them on your deck.


As our humble little garden comes together, I'll reveal it all to you. We have two lilac trees in the back that I'm really excited to see bloom.

The front yard...a complete clean slate, and a project to pin next month!

Happy weekend!