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By now we all know that the Pantone Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid. I have seen this color used in various hues of light lilac all the way to deep plum. It's one of my favorite Color of the Year selections in a while, so I'm really excited to feature it in my Etsy shop!

The Radiant Orchid nesting bowls are among my favorite pieces. They pack quite the punch, yet are soft and feminine because of their fluted edges. it's a great use of contrast, too, with the stark white clay and purple paint.

In terms of wearable pieces, this painted stone ring is a great example of balance, contrast and line. The dark plum shade of Radiant Orchid grounds the pieces, while the white paint splashes across the surface to add visual interest.

I cannot wait to incorporate Pantone's Color of the Year more into my work. These tones are definitely in my Purpose collection for Urban Gallery, and I will be bringing them into pieces for my ready-to-ship line in my Etsy shop as well.


Spring Home Decor featured on #Etsy

On our cruise, I had the pleasure of reading the pages of the January issue of Vogue. It was incredibly inspiring and I am so excited for the new trends that will be gracing home decor and fashion this spring.

Clockwise from top left...

An inspirational message with a graphic tribal print, in fantastic tones for spring. I love this DO IT print from Indigo Rain. It would be perfect for a powder room or art studio.

Pastel pink, grey and white colorblocked pillow by Jillian Rene Decor. I love pretty much everything in her shop, and think that this pillow is perfect to breathe new life into your space for spring.

The equestrian trend is alive and strong this year, and we will see everything from horse bit styled rings to leather patches on elbows. This watercolor painting from Mallalu is stunning both in imagery and color.

I would be remiss not to choose something in a purple tone for this little collection, given that it is the Pantone color of the year. This ombre vase by Carriage Oak Cottage is stunning, and looks perfect with a bunch of dried lavender.

Nesting bowls are certainly a favorite of mine in my own shop, and I always love seeing how others interpret them. These delicate bowls are created out of paper, by Anthology on Main.

What trends are you excited to see this Spring?


Fashionista Friday: Tina Dean Designs

Taking a note out of the Pantone 2013 Spring Fashion Trend book, and incorporating some of the hottest colors of the season into her designs, Tina Dean Designs is getting you on trend this season with fashionable ecochic accessories.

Poppy Red
African Violet
Tender Shoots

All colors that breathe life into your accessories arsenal, and ones that you won't want to miss out on.

The Poppy Red clutch features three black clay buttons that have a subtle gold fleck to them. Perfect for party hopping, a date night out, or just to add a splash of one of the prettiest tones of Spring 2013 into your wardrobe.

These handbags are like no other - expertly handmade by textile artist Tina Allen in her home studio. The Tender Shoots clutch features two hand painted sculpted clay buttons {by yours truly}, making each one completely different from the next!

Using delicate African violet purple bags, Tina created this clutch by upcycling plastic bags into a material known as plarn. Once it was crocheted into the perfect form, she finished off the closure with a hand painted violet and plum button. Absolutely beautiful, and it would look stunning at Easter brunch!

Pantone 2013 Spring Trending colors are setting the stage for some amazing designs at Tina Dean Designs. Bring ecochic into your fashionista wardrobe with TDD!


Talk-To-Me Tuesday: Hair Accessories

Anyone who knows me in real life {which is alot of you out there! Thanks for your support, friends!} knows that I love me a fabulous hair accessory, preferably in the shape of a bow or a rosette.

I have lots....a few made by a dear friend, and two pieces from a shop that I admire with all of my heart, Pixel&Hank.

Since I've been sculpting a tonne lately, I thought to myself what about hair accessories?!

Silver and pale pink on a silver 5mm headband. The rosettes are approximately 2" each, affixed to the headband with epoxy.

They've hit the Etsy shop, and I just absolutely love the response that they're getting.

And it's not just headbands either!

I've had some custom orders for sculpted hair clips, which have turned out amazingly!

Tangerine! The Pantone colour for 2012!

I'm having so much fun making spring accessories!

Any requests??