Currently I'm...loving fall!!

This fall has been full of lessons learned, open hearts and positive attitudes around here.

You are what you allow yourself to be has sort of been my outlook. Things happen for a reason, no matter how horrible they may be on the surface, and when you come to the realization that there is a lesson in ever experience, and choose to lead with an open heart, great things are bound to happen.

Reading...MOM, Incorporated
Playing...Hot Wheels with the kiddo
Watching...Breaking Bad on Netflix {whoever invented Netflix is a freaking genius!} wrap my head around my gallery exhibition; only 7 months to go!
Cooking...snacks and treats for Halloween
Eating...trying to limit snacking - this time of year is really difficult! favourite fall drink is Tim Hortens Apple Cider, HANDS DOWN
Calling...Amber Bryce on Skype - we have been working on a reall amazing custom piece for a while
Texting....that's pretty much my main mode of communication, let's be honest
Pinning...yummy winter and fall recipes
Tweeting...with the ladies of #mombizmondays
Crafting...the last of the Halloween party decor for this weekends party
Scrapping...not much these days! Trying to let things happen as they happen
Doing...well; I'm at peace and have an open heart...really, I couldn't want anything more. have a great time and finally enjoy Halloween bff's for all of their love and support - these two have been incredible through our running journey and I am so thankful for them!
Hating...can we omit this one going forward? meaningful words and committments are
Enjoying...finding new joys in every day new things
Thinking...about decorating for Christmas in a few weeks! Grand plans, friends. GRAND!
Hoping (for)...good times with friends on Friday
Listening (to)...Blurred Lines...guilty pleasure; I just can't get enough of it
Celebrating...when these paintings for Purpose turn out the way I want them to
Smelling...crisp chilly air
Thanking...those beautiful bff's of mine for keeping me going and reminding me that my legs aren't tired, my brain is
Considering...another 5km in November!
Finishing...another fantastic month finalize our holiday travel plans...kind of. I'm being stubborn!