WAHM Wednesday: #Roadto30 Updates!

Welcome back, everyone!

I'm really excited to share with you some updates from my amazing roommates, Shaun and Mel, who I'm sponsoring in their #Roadto30....a journey to lose 30lbs each by BlogHer this summer!

Their journeys are going strong - Shaun and I have even connected on the Map My Run app for iPhone and I love reading about the routes she is taking. Every step may seem like a small one, but it's a step in the right direction and that's what matters!

I am growing increasingly proud of these ladies. They're not stopping at BlogHer...oh no...in fact...they're going to keep pushing themselves and are going to run the BlogHer 5km Fun Run! Amazing!

I'm considering joining them for the run. It might be crazy...it's be the first 5km I've ever run in my entire life...but I want to support them to the very end of their journey and show them just how incredibly proud I am of them.

Stay tuned! More on their journey next month!

Interested in sponsoring them? Contact Mel and Shaun today!

Thankful Thursday: MomNation

Good morning everyone!

I'm a little bit more on the ball this week...sort of. I definitely woke up thinking that it was Friday and got very excited for the weekend. Then, I realized that it is actually Thursday, and didn't want to miss my chance to participate in Thankful Thursday!

Today, I am thankful for

I was flitting around on Twitter last night while making the final parts of Jenni's order, and stumbled across Mom Nation, and Jen Banks.

Mom Nation is a growing movement of real women, sharing real stories about what is it really like to be a mom and woman. Truly, and inspiring network of women!

After looking through the website, I realized that there was a party going on over on Twitter. So, back to Twitter I went and I participated. Not only were the questions really awesome and made me sit down and think about my life as a mom, but I also won a prize!!

Then, as the answers were rolling in, it was announced that Mom Nation was trending on Twitter! It was amazing to be involved in a trending topic, and to connect with other moms, read their answers to the questions and have a little bit of quiet time to reflect.

Link up with Mom Nation and join the trend! You can also find Mom Nation on facebook!