Thyme Maternity Luxury Lingerie

When I was pregnant with Graeme, I practically lived in sports bras...and not just because I was running all the time. There just wasn't anything out there that made me feel pretty when my belly was getting huge, stretch marks were running rampant and I didn't feel that my body was my own half the time.

How nice it would have been to have more options for intimate apparel! Pieces that make a woman feel gorgeous and beautiful. Desired and sexy.

That is exactly what Thyme Maternity has done with their new Luxury Lingerie, bras and intimate wear geared toward pregnant women and women who have just had babies. That's right, ladies. They even have pretty nursing bras!

How could you possibly focus on stretch marks and feeling anything but the gorgeous mama goddess that you are in these pieces?

For every day wear, I would recommend the Cosabella Maternity line. Their bras are slightly less structured than other maternity bras, but are way fancier and prettier than the sports bras that I was wearing. The last thing that you want to feel when you are pregnant is a strap digging here or the hooks at the back scratching at you. The Cosabella Maternity bras, which double as nursing bras, are built for comfort.

And if you're feeling like you want something really special, almost decadent like buttercream frosting drizzle with chocolate ganache, you have to take a look at Hotmilk maternity and nursing lingerie.

The lace. The details. It's all so romantic, and yet functional. Would you believe that that beautiful black and white bra is a nursing bra? Me either, and I wish they had of been around four years ago when I was nursing and pumping for Owen.

We all know that we feel better about ourselves individually when we are pulled together and wearing something that makes us feel amazing. Treat yourself to some really incredible pieces with the new Luxury Lingerie at Thyme Maternity. Love the body you're in, belly and all!

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Thyme Maternity for this post, however all opinions expressed are my own.