Custom Running Shirts created with Ink Effects by DecoArt

Last month when I was planning my outfit for the London Lady's Half Marathon and 5k, I wanted my shirt to be refelective of where I was in my journey. Since the event was in support of Itsy, I felt it important to feature my Arrow on my shirt.

Itsy is a non-profit organization that support the NICU at London Health Science Centre. They lend a helping hand to families and babes who are faced with challenges by being in the NICU, and given that Owen had a rough start, and that we have our Arrow up in Heaven...participating in this event was really important to me.

Here's what you'll need to create your own custom long sleeved running shirt for your upcoming race.


Long sleeved shirt(s) - I got these two shirts from Walmart. G2 brand, $6 each
Ink Effects by DecoArt - I chose black since I was painting arrows, but certainly choose whatever color you like
Round paint brush
White paper - regular computer paper works well

First, decide on your design. You can either free hand it, or use one of the awesome DecoArt stencils. Since I was wanting to do arrows, I chose to draw them free hand with Ink Effects directly on the white paper. I went with two different designs.

The three arrows represent (top to bottom) Owen, Arrow and my husband {a mix of both arrows}. This is a great design for the front or back of a shirt. Tip: If you're placing a design like this on the front of your shirt, make sure that you put it up on your chest so that it will still show after you've put your race bib on.

The single arrow is a replica of the tattoo that I got shortly after our miscarriage. It is perfect to go down a sleeve and would also look great going down the back of a shirt.

Allow your design to dry completely on the paper before moving onto the next step.

Prep your shirts by placing cardboard between the front and back, on the inside. Then, simply iron on your design, applying consistent pressure to make sure that you get even coverage of your design.

Now lace up your shoes and go for a run in your new shirt!

Tip: I found that the design transferred best when using the hottest setting on my iron.

and when all else fails, if you aren't happy with how your design transfers, go over it with a bit of Ink Effects directly on your shirt, or with So Soft.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the DecoArt Core Blogger program and was compensated for this post. The tutorial, concept, design and opinions are 100% my own.


Ink Effects by DecoArt

Hey DIYers!

This week at the FlyDIY party {omg, friday!! FRIDAY!} we will have the opportunity to use some really awesome DecoArt products. Amongst them are Ink Effects; a super cool product that allows you to draw intricate designs on paper, then transfer onto fabric!

Just think of the possibilities for your business card holder, created by Baily Belle!

We will have all of the materials on hand for you to get crafty with your bad self, so start planning out your designs!