BlogHer Sponsor Love

If you haven't checked them out just yet, be sure that you do!! They made my trip to BlogHer12 possible, and I am so incredibly thankful for them!


 Kristine Cook Designs is located in London, Ontario and is simply one inspired fashion designer! She created two dresses and one fabulous jacket for me to wear at BlogHer12 and I got so many compliments on them...I was even stopped by a young woman on our walk over to Bar Americain who complimented me on my peplum dress!

Michele from Mary Kay provided all of my makeup, skincare and beauty tips for my journey to BlogHer. I am so thankful, because I'm typically too on the go to spend much time on myself but these amazing products, and her gentle guidance and encouragement, allowed me to see what confidence I have in myself. Be it a smokey eye for my peplum dress, a fresh dewey look for my brunch with GMC or the bold red lips for a retro look - Michele helped me create them all!

Without EKSIT Strategies assistance and guidance, my BlogHer dreams would have remained just that...dreams. They helped make them a reality, and helped to guide me in making some decisions about my business and my blog. As true business strategists, they helped me to see the value in my knowledge, the worth in myself and encouraged me to take myself seriously as both an artist and a blogger.

BlogHer Sponsors: Thank You!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to send out a huge thank you to all of the amazing sponsors who helped me board a plane today, put gorgeous media cards together for me, provided inspiration and photography, designed incredible outfits, jewelry and tutu's....

Without you all, BlogHer'12 would be but a dream for me. You helped make this possible!

BlogHer Sponsor Love: EKSIT Strategies

The first step.

Many entrepreneurs get to the point in their business where they start thinking about what might come next. While most business owners are comfortable thinking about these things in the abstract, actually engaging in the process can be an extremely emotional step to take, and is often one that seems incredibly daunting.

EKSIT Strategies has developed a process specifically designed to make navigating those waters less intimidating.

The First Step is a two component based system that takes you through everything from identifying shareholder goals and expectations, to growth opportunity analysis and contingency planning. The sessions are led by an EKSIT Advisor who works with you to identify your key goals and opportunities for the future. 

What's even better about The First Step is that it has a fixed price. Many business consultants will tell you that they cannot give you even an estimate, let alone a fixed price, to help you work through the process of figuring out where to take your business. EKSIT Strategies has broken down those barriers and offers real solutions for an intensive program that is tailored to your needs.

What's your future? What's your EKSIT?

BlogHer Sponsor Love: EKSIT Strategies...Mompreneur Tips


When talking with Colin and Trevor from EKSIT Strategies about mompreneurs {and entrepreneurs} who are just starting out, their number one tip was

Know what you know, and know what you don't know

I couldn't agree more, and thought that it was a really great topic for their sponsor post this month. I am a firm believer in excelling in a few, rather than being mediocre at alot, and Colin spoke volumes to that.

He said that there are alot of specialists out there, like those who specialize in legal services, tax strategies and things like that, and alot of new businesses could find themselves in tough spots if they haven't gotten the proper advice from those people; thereby admitting what it is that they don't know, which for women in general {sorry to say...} is difficult.

When I think about what it is that I know as a mompreneur, I know how to structure my time wisely, how to create some gorgeous pieces of art and how to network throughout the proper social media channels to engage with other bloggers and like minded individuals.

What I don't know is how to stay on top of my Quickbooks, how to increase my sales naturally, or how to get the most bang for my advertising buck.

I know that I know, and I know what I don't's the perfect time to implement a business strategy with the guys at EKSIT Strategies.

BlogHer Sponsor Love: EKSIT Strategies

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably have tonnes and tonnes of questions swirling around your head.

What sets my business apart from others like me?

What phase of business am I in?

Do I want to grow it?

Am I looking to sell it in a year…5 years…10 years?

How do I get to where I want to be?

How do I reach my business goals?

This is when working with a business consultant would be extremely beneficial.

Managing Director with EKSIT Strategies, Colin Szemenyei, says that their company is approaching business owners in a more practical and relatable way.

“A lot of the time, the problem that business owners have in working with a consultant is that they don’t really understand what they’re getting into, what the process will be like, what it’s going to cost and what they’re going to get out of it,” he says.

So, what is the process like in working with a business consultant to help shape your company and ensure you achieve your goals?

Colin says that the process should be very collaborative and focused on providing value. When he says that they approach things differently, he means that they lay out a detailed plan, explain the value that your company will gain in working with EKSIT Strategies, and provide an upfront cost so you know what you’re getting into, rather than being handed a huge bill at the end of the process like most business consultant firms.

So, consider what your business goals are. Are they strictly monetary? Are you looking to pass your company down through the generations? Are you looking to sell it outright and retire? Whatever the case, working with EKSIT Strategies will make those goals clear and will pave the way for the next phase of your life…whatever that may be.

Special Post: BlogHer Sponsor Introductions

Have you heard? I’m going to BlogHer, and I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the amazing companies and brands that are helping me get there!

EKSIT Strategies facilitates ownership transitions for businesses and their owners. They provide a range of services, all aimed at – quite simply – helping their clients realize their ideal future, whatever that may be. Whether a sale to a third party, transition to a family member, acquiring another business, or otherwise is appropriate, EKSIT will help identify the appropriate path to reaching that goal. They are experts in outlining potential outcomes to their clients to allow them to achieve success, however they define it.

Tina Dean Allen is the designer and artisan behind Tina Dean Designs. She handcrafts the very finest eco-chic handbags and accessories from non bio-degradable materials, ensuring that each piece is eco-friendly and carries the message of saving our environment. Tina’s stunning work has been featured in the GBK Gifting Suites at the Primetime Emmy Awards and Academy Awards and has been prized by eco-conscious celebs in the USA.

Laina Hanlon is a local lifestyle, wedding, engagement and style photographer in the South-Western Ontario region. She uses her rustic style to create inspired photo shoots that bring out the natural beauty in her clients and subjects. With a new focus on product photography and styled shoots, Laina offers her services to handmade artisans to ensure that their products are ones that customers take notice of. At the root of who she is, Laina is a beautiful person full of inspired vision.

Paired perfectly with a white tee and pair of skinny jeans for an edgy look, or to dress up your little black dress and pumps for a night out on the town, you will find your style at Amber Bryce - Luxe Bohemian Jewelry. With a focus on .925 fine silver and gorgeous gemstones, Amber believes in recycling precious metals and reducing her carbon footprint. She even donates $1.00 from each item purchased to to have a tree planted! Gorgeous jewelry, with a purpose to do-good.

Baxtalo Designs is an up and coming mama and papa jewellery shop created by Joshua and Stephanie, which will be launching March 20th, 2012! Their designs are all handmade, with a focus on carved wooden pendants, mini carved wooden buttons and woven leather materials. They’re boho, they’re chic and they’re sure to become a staple in your wardrobe!

Bellaroma Boutique creates the most luxurious natural skincare out there. Whatever your skincare concern, Diana {creator} will work with you to ensure the perfect solution is found in Bellaroma. Her line features whipped crèmes and body scrubs, a full facial line featuring cleansers, lotions, scrubs and masks, and even aroma mists and bathhouse body butters. Natural, elegant skincare couture.