Currently I'm, the November Edition

Happy November, friends!! Things are in full swing for the holidays here, and I am definitely having a difficult time refraining from putting up all of the decorations. Only a few more weeks and then our house will be transformed into a winter wonderland!

But, what are you currently up to? In this moment?

Reading...I actually just finished A Midsummer Nights Dream, and it was lovely! I am realy into reading classics right now trucks with Owen
Watching...what I say! We have a little parrot on our hands, so we have to be very careful these days I said, trying NOT to decorate for Christmas jsut yet
Cooking...the crock pot is making my life easier these days
Eating...ShakeO each and every morning. It helps so much with digestion and bloat!
Drinking...trying to up my water intake, but boy is it difficult!
Texting....with Shizz, and it usually involves a decent amount of profanity
Pinning...DIY gift ideas for the holidays
Tweeting...with the lovelies of #mombizmondays at 10pm EST most monday's projects for DecoArt
Doing...much better lately. My head is clearer and I'm learning to trust when my husbands gentle words relax after a busy race season
Loving...that Christmas is right around the corner. It's my favourite time of year
Discovering...that my body doesn't give up on itself
Enjoying...a cup of hot tea
Thinking...I've been way too hard on myself peace
Hoping (for)...a productive month
Listening (to)...Fun
Celebrating...the power radiating from my very being
Smelling...yummy dinner in the crockpot!
Thanking...those who fought for us to be free
Considering...growing out my bangs...which likely won't happen
Finishing...custom orders for Christmas delivery sculpture for our bedroom wall!


Currently I'm...loving fall!!

This fall has been full of lessons learned, open hearts and positive attitudes around here.

You are what you allow yourself to be has sort of been my outlook. Things happen for a reason, no matter how horrible they may be on the surface, and when you come to the realization that there is a lesson in ever experience, and choose to lead with an open heart, great things are bound to happen.

Reading...MOM, Incorporated
Playing...Hot Wheels with the kiddo
Watching...Breaking Bad on Netflix {whoever invented Netflix is a freaking genius!} wrap my head around my gallery exhibition; only 7 months to go!
Cooking...snacks and treats for Halloween
Eating...trying to limit snacking - this time of year is really difficult! favourite fall drink is Tim Hortens Apple Cider, HANDS DOWN
Calling...Amber Bryce on Skype - we have been working on a reall amazing custom piece for a while
Texting....that's pretty much my main mode of communication, let's be honest
Pinning...yummy winter and fall recipes
Tweeting...with the ladies of #mombizmondays
Crafting...the last of the Halloween party decor for this weekends party
Scrapping...not much these days! Trying to let things happen as they happen
Doing...well; I'm at peace and have an open heart...really, I couldn't want anything more. have a great time and finally enjoy Halloween bff's for all of their love and support - these two have been incredible through our running journey and I am so thankful for them!
Hating...can we omit this one going forward? meaningful words and committments are
Enjoying...finding new joys in every day new things
Thinking...about decorating for Christmas in a few weeks! Grand plans, friends. GRAND!
Hoping (for)...good times with friends on Friday
Listening (to)...Blurred Lines...guilty pleasure; I just can't get enough of it
Celebrating...when these paintings for Purpose turn out the way I want them to
Smelling...crisp chilly air
Thanking...those beautiful bff's of mine for keeping me going and reminding me that my legs aren't tired, my brain is
Considering...another 5km in November!
Finishing...another fantastic month finalize our holiday travel plans...kind of. I'm being stubborn!


Currently I'm...breathing

Time for September's Currently I' I had it all written out, and it was heavily saturated with all things baby...

being excited to find out the gender in a few months
deciding on names

things of that nature

It's a little different now, but it's still hopeful

Reading...The Design Cookbook by Kelly Edwards (yes still...because I cannot.get.enough!)
Playing...meditations every night to help my weary soul heal
Watching...Grey's premiere last week! hold onto hope even when my heart hurts
Cooking...easy breakfasts for the Bear and freezing them
Eating...trying to eat healhy and clean as it is really helping with mental clarity
Drinking...Strawberry Watermelon wine
Texting....Hubs all.the.time (well when his phone works anyway)
Pinning...All the things for Halloween
Tweeting...pieces from my Etsy shop
Crafting...Halloween pumpkins for our mantle
Scrapping...nothing! well as you can imagine, maybe a little bit better. Like I said, I'm holding onto hope even in the darkest of moments and trying to breathe run another 5km next weekend
Loving...our friends for being there
Hating...that's a really strong word and this life is too short for that junk
Discovering...just how strong I really am
Enjoying...having a 3 year old running around my feet
Thinking...that life is what we make it, therefore I choose to be happy
Hoping (for)...beautiful weather this weekend for Color Me Rad
Listening (to)...My little dude singing Bruce Springsteen
Celebrating...the life that we have
Smelling...FALL!!! It's finally fall! lucky stars for a supportive husband
Considering...what's next birthday sad it's gone
Starting...a whole new month with such promise and hope

Currently I'm...August!

Happy August! I can't believe that we're already half way through the month, with my absolute most favourite month around the corner {hello, Birthday Month!}

Reading...blogposts written for affiliates
Playing...animal sounds with the kiddo
Watching...Big Brother resist temptation to nothing these days
Eating...if it was up to my son, we'd have Subway for every meal, every day {he calls it Eat Fresh}
Drinking...Diet Coke
Calling...more like Skyping
Texting....Hubster about something silly
Pinning...healthy recipes 
Tweeting...friends I met in Chicago at #BlogHer13
Crafting...ideas for our outdoor living space {I really want to make a concrete fire pit but Hubs says no}
Scrapping...old designs and working on new ones
Doing...the best that I can to lead an inspired and positive life have a great time at the Sunshine Foundation Golf tournament tomorrow!
Loving...the cool breeze in the evening
Hating...not a whole lot right now; life is pretty fantastic
Discovering...just how strong I really am
Enjoying...the company of good friends
Thinking...about doing a giveaway to celebrate Birthday Month
Hoping (for) abundance of light and love
Listening (to)...the sounds of the's 9:45am and he's still sleeping!
Celebrating...little victories every day
Smelling...not much, I'm super stuffed up this summer because of the humidity! all for making it this far! You're almost done and I didn't even promise you a lollipop!
Considering...a blog redesign for fall
Finishing...this post see my path clearer and clearer every day


Currently, I'm....June

So what are you currently up to?

Reading...who has time for that?!
Playing...hide and go seek seems to be the kiddos fave game lately
Watching...Henry Hugglemonsters on repeat stay positive and remain calm in the weeks leading up to FlyDIY
Cooking...swashbuckler sandwiches, matey munch and cupcakes!
Eating...fresh cherries
Drinking...water with blackberry cherry Mio unless absoluely necessary
Texting....bff Heather about our 5K Runner training plans for Owen's 4th bday...already of my Art Brownie pieces
Crafting...outdoor concrete slabs for a Manilla post
Scrapping...plans for a June date night with my Hubs
Doing...very well, thank you! relax this week!
Loving...warm summer mornings for running
Hating...that our A/C isn't working super well right now
Discovering...inner strength and confidence
Enjoying...naptime in the afternoon
Thinking...that in a month, I get to hug BabyShmizz
Hoping (for)...beautiful weather this weekend
Listening (to)...Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men
Celebrating...little victories every day dewy air lucky stars for a supportive husband, even though he doesn't understand my crazy dreams
Considering...getting a manicure and pedicure pre-BlogHer
Finishing...tidying from Owen's bday party weekend
Starting...My BlogHer bio and biz cards

Currently I'm...a new series

I saw this on Pinterest and thought that it would make for an interesting blog series. Sort of a real time look as to where I am and what I am up to.

So...from the top:

Reading...trying to finish The Secret Garden
Playing...everything that is Of Monsters and Men on my iphone guilty summer pleasure The Bachelorette!
Trying...running! Still trying to push myself but man alive is it difficult!
Cooking...oh you're funny! Nothing
Eating...fave snack of the moment is homemade ShakeO No-Bake Cookies
Drinking...water with blackberry cherry Mio
Calling...these days the insurance company
Texting....Shizz about the Fly DIY
Pinning...outfits, shoes, accessories and pretty things for BlogHer13
Tweeting...about my amazing coaching clients and their accomplishments
Crafting...1st birthday party embellishments for a client
Scrapping...plans for a May date night with my Hubs
Doing...everything I can to stay sane while being incredibly busy the optometrist
Loving...our new garden
Hating...those who put the hopes and dreams of others down cool it is to have a 3 year old around
Enjoying...friends and a glass of wine
Thinking...that long weekends are never restful
Hoping (for)...beautiful weather this weekend
Listening (to)...Some Nights by Fun, and the 3 year old singing along to it
Celebrating...professional achievements and big dreams husband's stanky car all for reading!!
Considering...getting a manicure Art Brownie blocks this weekend pieces of sculpture

What about you?