New Year New Home, The Kitchen Nook

Do you have a part of your kitchen that is dark and drab, maybe in need of a spring makeover inspired by some of the top trending colours on the market today?

I definitely do, and while the pieces that are displayed in our kitchen nook hold alot of meaning to us, they are all one color.


A brown brick. A vase filled with brown coffee beans and a red and brown candle. Brown tone thrown pottery. This little nook has also become a catchall for things like sunglasses and cards. There just seems to be no life to this corner, so I went in search of items around the house that are lighter in weight, design and color.

What did I find?

Small vases in the perfect tones of Coastal Surf, one of the new trending tones by DecoArt
A pewter candle holder
Honey Brown Sugar flameless candle by Energizer
Ivory teapot

Updating your home decor can be as simple and easy or as complicated and calculated as you want it to be. For this project, I wanted to use items that we already had in our house and more them to an area that needed a new breath of life, some lighters and brighter colours, and a touch of glossy metallic to reflect the natural light.

I love the way it is pulled together as a classic, yet ecclectic, little collection!

Have a nook in your kitchen? Bring in a splash of fresh spring color and post a link in the comments!

*This post contains affiliate links, however all views and opinions expressed are my own