New Year New Me, I {heart} my running pants

So, I have a confession.

I am absolutely in LOVE with my new running pants. Previously, I only had one pair of athletic capri leggings that I really loved and didn't give me a wedgie while running or working out. Try as I might, no other pants quite fit the bill.

I went back to WalMart to get just another pair of the leggings, thinking that if I had two pairs, I'd be all set for running four times a week. Apparently, the capris only come in charcoal grey and I was looking for a little variety.

So, I bought these as well as the capris.

I have to say, I absolutely love them. Value wise, they're fantastic at just $12 a pair. What I love most about them is how slimming they are! I know that probably sounds really silly, but there's something really motivating about feeling good in your workout clothes. I see my slim legs (hello! Look at those calves!) and feel awesome about all that I have accomplished.

I definitely am going to have to go back and get another pair of the running leggings, especially before fall.

What are your fave workout clothes?


New Year New Me, C25K Training

Before we get into the C25K training, here's a little video tutorial for a leg exercise using resistance bands. I'm still using them from time to time, but I have a new fitness love...(get your chuckles out now with the ultra flattering pose below)

My new love? I've joined the Couch to 5km revolution, otherwise known as C25K. I started running a couple of weeks ago, but found that I was only doing it when I felt like it and we all know what that means.

Oh, I'll run tomorrow.
It's raining, I'll wait for later
It's sunny, let's go to the park

Really, anything to get my out of running. Then, there was a coyote attack on my running trail and I seriously considered just giving it up in its entirety.

Then, my bff Heather was telling me about the 5K Runner app for iPhone and it dawned on me. I did Insanity, probably one of the hardest workout programs out there. How did I push through that?

Because there was a schedule!

It has been working fantastically, and I've completed the first two days in week 1, already earning the Braveheart badge.

It all starts with a step, right? In my case, 1min of walking, 1 min of running...over and over and over and over. I'm finding it difficult with the jogging stroller since my upper body is keeping that steady, therefore is super stiff by the end of the run, but over's a really awesome system. I get in a 1.8mi run, and feel fantastic afterward!

I have some running goals in mind and hope to share them with you soon as long as no scheduling conflicts happen!