Baily Belle: Jewelry, Scarves and Vintage Wares #giveaway #sponsor

I was introduced to Baily Belle on Twitter in 2011 when she had bravely entered and became a finalist in the Closetista challenge. I scooped up one of her handmade rosette fabric rings and started my collection.

My profile photo over there on the right? Necklace by Baily Belle.
The ring I wear every day to remind me of my commitment to myself? Baily Belle.
The jade earrings I gave to my mom for her 60th birthday? Baily Belle yet again!

Noticing a trend?

There's one more thing I haven't told you. Baily Belle made my hospital bag, and its freaking glorious.

Vanessa Baily has become a great friend of mine, and I love shopping at Baily Belle as often as I can. She's made so many things for me from cup cozies to business card holders. We've featured her at BlogHer, and I've happily introduced her to just about every woman I know.

So...what has she put into the Mom & Baby Giveaway {which, by the way...we are only DAYS AWAY from launching!!}? A cream lace clutch, perfect for a much needed date night out, summer weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and pretty much every thing you could need a pretty little clutch for!

Whether you need a new scarf, handmade clutch, a piece of jewelry for your collection, or a custom piece with a vintage vibe, check out Baily Belle!

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Baily Belle for being one of the Mom and Baby Giveaway sponsors. I did not receive compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed are my own.


Valentine's Gift Guide Feature: Baily Belle, #handmade #jewelry #accessories

You've seen me feature Baily Belle time and time again, and it's one Etsy shop that I continue to support and shop from. Designer Vanessa Baily has been creating up a storm of beautiful, unique and one of a kind pieces for her shop Baily Belle, and I'm thrilled to be featuring her in the Valentine's Gift Guide.

One of her newest pieces that I absolutely adore is her handmade customizable dreamcatcher necklace. I have never seen anything quite like it and it is so beautiful, it is worth adding to your collection.

Stunning right? As a special treat for Sweet Stella's readers, Vanessa is offering a great discount for Valentine's Day!


The Final FlyDIY Giveaway

Yes folks, it's the final FlyDIY business card giveaway. We've got a little chevron, a little Aztec and a little abstract stripe action going on today, all in lovely bold Ink Effects colors.

We all know my love of chevron, and what I wasn't expecting was to love the Aztec pattern so very much. It turned out really beautifully and I certainly will be sad when it gets a new home with the winner of this giveaway!

 Isn't it pretty?!

 And both the chevron and stripes turned out really well too!

Now's your chance to be one of three winners!!

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FlyDIY Giveaway Number Three!

Today, I wanted to share with you my absolutely favourite Ink Effects business card design....the dandelion wish. I am absolutely thrilled with how this one turned out. It's stunning!

Isn't it dreamy? I love the whole trend of dandelion wishes right now, so seeing it come to life with the Ink Effects was pretty awesome.

I have two other Nature inspired holders that are in this giveaway too!

Love them? Win them right here!

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FlyDIY Giveaway #2!

Another friday, another FlyDIY Giveaway! We are getting nautical with these two business card holder designs, and there will be TWO winners this time!

I love all things nautical. There is something really charming about the anchor and the rope. They fit together so perfectly.

So, which waves fit you?

The card holders are great and are perfect for slipping in your purse. Pop in your credit or debit card, some cash and business cards and you're all set to go!

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FlyDIY Business Card Holder Giveaway

Happy friday, friends! Can you believe that it's been two weeks since we hosted FlyDIY? Neither can we!

Over the past week, I've been working with my collection of DecoArt Ink Effects to create some really awesome designs for the business card giveaway!

Here are the first three designs!

Beautiful, abstract brush strokes in blue, purple, yellow and green!

Now three of you can win one!

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Fall Fashion Forward

Gone are the days of shorts and are the days that I covet the most!!

Fall is a time for cozy fashion, and I absolutely adore being able to dress up an outfit with a funky structured scarf, pair of amazing boots, or a snuggly sweater.

One of my favourite items of this season is the wool houndstooth convertible scarf from BailyBelle.

My absolute favourite element of this scarf is the button detail. It just finishes off the piece so beautifully!

Can't you just picture it with a white longsleeved tee, dark skinny jeans, and riding boots??