Mompreneur Monday: Rebecca Nash Photography

I am so excited for today's mompreneur....someone that I actually know in real life, have had the chance to sit down and have coffee with (more than once!) and have gotten to know as a person, a mama, and a mompreneur.

I'd like to introduce you to Rebecca Nash, fine art photographer located in Southwestern Ontario. She has an eye for colour and beauty, and even has her work off to a
very special place...that she'll reveal at the end of the post!

1) What do you do?

I am the owner and photographer for Rebecca Nash Photography. I specialize in Wedding, Portrait and Fine Art photography. I love heading out to work with someone new to create beautiful images that I know will be cherished for years to come. The fine art photography also challenges me but in a completely different way. Instead of building a relationship with my subject in order to create a great portrait or wedding image, I have to create an image that shows or provokes an emotion within viewer through the subject and setting. It’s a completely different challenge and I thrive on this opportunity to change it up.


2) How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running a business?

Prioritize, schedule, and be ready for anything! Finding the balance is always a challenge for me. I make sure to plan out my tasks, have a to do list to keep me on track, and try not to get worked up about schedule changes that seem to always pop up. By having my own dedicated space for my business within our home I’m able to really get focussed on what I’m doing with minimal distractions. I also capitalize on time after my daughter has gone to bed when I’m sitting in front of the TV to go over schedules, to-do lists, and work on blog entries. Blogging at night allows me to get all my ideas out and still have a chance for a quick reread in the morning but also helps empty out my brain a bit before bed.

3) What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?

For me it’s always about finding the balance. I love my family and my daughter dearly and some days I’d rather stay home and just be a mom and homemaker but in the same breath I am a creative type and I love my photography. It is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane. Unfortunately I have a habit of swinging from completely family focused to completely immersed in my business without any middle ground. This year my goal is to schedule time for both every week and stick to my schedule!

4) What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?


Research, plan, build your support system, and then go for it! It will be a bit of a roller coaster so make sure you set boundaries and talk to your family about what you’re doing so everyone’s on the same page.

So where is your work off to now?

I’m thrilled to be having the opportunity to participate in the MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gifting Suite and Swag Bags for the upcoming awards show in early June. In honour of this event I’m in the process of designing and creating a line of new products which the celebrities will receive and you can get too! Watch my blog for all the info on the design process and the product launch!

Mompreneur Monday: SariBlue

Good morning everyone!! Today, I'd like to introduce you to Christine - fellow member of The Artisan Group and owner of SariBlue, a shop that embraces the evil eye motif and creates incredible, positive jewellery!

I first learned of the evil eye while on my honeymoon in Europe. They were absolutely everywhere, especially in Istanbul, and we had no idea what they were. We quickly learned that they are actually a good and positive omen, not the evil or bad association that we sometimes think.

Christine uses this symbol to create really amazing, unique pieces of art. Read about who SariBlue is and what she creates in today's Mompreneur Monday feature.

What do you do?

So the easy answer, wait there is no easy answer….

The easy answer to what I do as Sari founder and designer of SariBlue; is design and make a collection of jewelry centered on classically made glass bead evil eyes. My jewelry is made here outside of Boston in my home shop. I go back and forth to Turkey to get the beads directly from the bead makers. As designer, crafter, entrepreneur, I not only do what you think you would do as an artist but I spent a ton of time marketing, meeting people, writing, planning, changing ideas, photographing, putting items on my online shops, attending fairs, writing, researching and did I say writing? There is so much to do, I literally spend or let’s say could spend every waking hour on SariBlue and would Love to!!! I love all of it!! I love the real artist part, I adore meeting people and telling them the story about the shop and history about the evil eye, love writing, marketing and the business decision side, trouble is there is not enough time in the day and this is not all I do.

The hard answer… I have another job!! Oh wait, do I have a third job? Or a fourth? Hang on hang on… back up!!

Ok let’s count:

Let’s start with #1:

I am a mom to two really terrific girls, now I know we all love our kids and we all think they are awesome and one of a kind and super cool, and mine really fit that description! I guess this is why moms have their own kids! We love to hear about other moms and how they love their children but we know, ours are really the best ;) So my little muses as I call them are; “G” who just turned seven and “M” will be nine, but is going on forty-five. They are athletes, fantastic students, artists in their own right and truly the push off the preverbal cliff to start SariBlue. They are my drive and inspiration and also the typical kids who force you to take a timeout yourself. Truly the best and most important thing I have or ever will do.

Job #2:

Is clearly SariBlue as mentioned above fills a good percentage of my waking hours which are many because I am not a sleeper…….


Believe it, or not circling back to job number one. I am a taxi driver, volunteer within the school as room parent for both my girls classrooms, soccer coach for my “G’s” co-ed under seven year old team and very active babysitter for my nephew “C” who is just barely two. Yes, kids and community involvement matter, a lot!! Love it! It is great!!

Job #4:

Now we can get really complicated here!! Prior to SariBlue, (which is truly what I have wanted to do most of my life, outside of being a mom, is have my own shop in the creative realm) I worked in very proper corporate environments, as well as startup technology environments. I am still currently engaged with one of those companies. I have worked for them for six years. My role has changed and morphed over time and would almost be impossible to describe in a few short lines. My degree is in Psychology; with focus on education and history, with a year in Ireland studying conflict resolution. These come in handy in my corporate function as head of Human Resources and Operations. Over these last few years I have laid myself off twice, rehired myself, cut my salary and time and redefined my own job. I also interact with my company’s third party distributors who are all located internationally, regarding cash flow and collections.

No way you say!! And I say, do you recall I don’t sleep? Clearly at the moment my hours with the company are small.

How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running a business?

The no sleep thing really helps but I would not recommend it to anyone!! Not good. Sometimes I am able to get multiple things done at the same time for example; I can write a segment for use in multiple articles then write the entire article after. Keeping priority lists. One that I have a very hard time with, knowing when to say no. Grouping things together, so do all the housework together but don’t be afraid to throw a load of laundry in while in the middle of making jewelry. Have certain days of the week for certain things: Tuesday I go to the office for the company job. Thursday is for shopping. Friday is making pieces. Of course all subject to change. This is super hard but telling the kids when something is really important “Girls this is super important for our business, give mom one hour then we can play candyland”. It helps J

What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?

The word challenge gets me excited. I like most of the business challenge and the learning scale of something new. So far there is nothing (touch wood) that has shaken me or made me rethink this. It is the mom part of anything, not just this that takes me away from the girls that I find daunting. It is the age old question of “to be only a mom or a mom and other things”. I loudly say do what YOU want and not what anyone or any group (society, culture) tells you to do, clearly if you get my gist and sense of humor, silliness and go for it girl attitude you know which side my bread has its nutella on. My issue or challenge is guilt: My own personal struggle when I worked like a crazy person traveling all over the world, sometimes for two weeks at a time with very small kids at home: massive guilt (by the way to this day cannot forgive myself for it); and now guilt when I don’t tuck them in long enough (so amazing I am with them more than most moms I know).

What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?

Of course, go for it. BUT: I hope they are really starting something they love. Too many people try something that is the latest greatest thing (manufactured jewelry, franchised something or other, or working for someone else which does work for some people) because it looks like a money maker, which is important. But be sure you want to be working for someone else and like that setup, and product. So in other words, do your due diligence, if it is the franchise or the industry or the solubility of the items what draws you in?
Don’t do it just because it sounds ok. You will need to work harder than you can imagine so you need to have passion. Love and prosperity and it will be wonderful. The last thing should really be support, real solid support. Do you have people in your corner that understand what you want to do? Not do it for you, but will be open to your ideas?

Is there anything additional you'd like to share?

My press release is on my site: here is the start of it...SariBlue is very pleased to announce that their jewelry collection has been chosen to be featured in association with The Artisan Group at a luxury Gift Lounge hosted by GBK Productions in honor of The 2012 Golden Globes, their Nominees and Presenters.Link

SariBlue’s exclusive “One” evil eye pendant and earrings will be prominently featured on display at The Artisan Group’s exhibit, and all attending celebrities will receive this signature piece in their swag bags. This event will also be attended by over 75 TV and print media outlets.

Mompreneur Monday: A.W.E - Handcrafted Jewelry

Welcome back!! I am super excited to introduce you today to Deb from A.W.E Handcrafted Jewelry.

Her designs were alongside mine at the GBK Productions Emmys Gifting Suite, and I have been seriously obsessed with owning a pair of these. Aren't they just gorgeous!? And I see that they're available in sterling will be going on my Christmas list, poste haste!

What do you do?

I design and make jewelry from sterling silver, bronze, and copper

How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running a business?

I struggle with organizing projects and am always on the lookout for a great task management system (that I'll actually use :). Right now I have a notebook ToDo list and I keep a ticket system (restaurant style) for my big projects and keep them pinned on my wall above my desk.

I also make myself quit working when my son gets home from school. I was feeling so guilty and stressed when I was trying to work while he was doing homework and such. Now I totally focus on him and actually manage to get some laundry done while he's working :)

What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?

Definitely balancing family life. I'm kind of a work-aholic and can really get caught up with work. I don't ever want to feel like I've missed out on family time because I'm too busy. Oh, and limiting my computer/social time is a challange also. I feel it is very important for business, but sometimes I forget to actually make anything.

What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?

Create systems from the start for receipts and record keeping! When your business starts to grow and it's actually important to track everything, your systems will already be in place. I didn't do that and am regretting it now, it's much harder to figure out what you've done and organize it than to just set it up correctly in the beginning. (this is a "boring, but important" task!) Also, make sure you really love what you do because you're going to spend a heck of a lot of time and effort doing it.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I'm participating in the Golden Globes with gifts for the press and in the Oscars with display and swag gifts for the celeb bags and press. Oh, and my big claim to fame... Nia Peeples wore my earrings in an episode of Pretty Little Liars! Yay. :)

I'd also love to invite people to sign up for my newsletter. Here's a direct link to the signup page:





Mompreneur Monday: DBK Designs

A double dose of artisans today for you to meet! Today's feature Mompreneur is Debrah Block-Krol from DBK Designs!

What does she do? Well she can sure tell you much better than I, but from my view, she creates some of the loveliest scarves and some really funky and unique jewellery.

Without further adieu, here's Debrah to talk about being a busy Mompreneur!

What do you do?

I design and handcraft jewelry accessories and scarves. My work is represented in more than
20 galleries nationally

How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running a business?

I sometimes feel like my work and myself are pushed into the corners of my life,
but I do the bulk of work at night and during the day while my son is in school.

What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?

Carving out a place to do my work, and finding the time to do the work without interruption.

What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?

Don’t feel bad about taking time for yourself and your work. Believe in the validity and importance of what you do.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

I will be hosting a giveaway on my facebook page when I hit 800 fans. Also, I offer a 10% discount for facebook fans!





Mompreneur Monday: Little Free Radical

Happy Monday indeed today, as you get to meet a craft mama. The mastermind behind Little Free Radical, a children's toy and room decor shop on Etsy!

I first met Crystal when we were pregnant with our children, on a pregnancy forum and I think our craftiness (and honest attitude) brought us together. Now, we're members in The Artisan Group and talk often of creativity and inspiration!

What do you do?

I make cloth toys & room decor for kids!

How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running a business?

I rarely have time to sit and make things in one sitting - typically, I sew for a few minutes here and there as I have time. I try to get the machine sewing all done during the day, so that I can get the stuffing & hand-stitching done at night once Sophie is in bed since my workspace is in her room. I also take a lot of small projects on the road when I know I'll be in the car for an hour or more! :)

What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?

Limited Space!!! We live in an apartment so my workspace is the corner of my daughters room. (I actually took the door off her room to be able to make use of the space the door was supposed to open into as a sewing area!)
I have to always keep the area "baby-proof" - make sure pins, scissors aren't in her reach... it's a lot harder to get stuff done when I constantly have to put everything away. Some day we'll own a house and I'll have a room of my own! :)

What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?

Take baby steps! start with a little at a time - see what works & what doesn't, and grow your business over time!

Is there anything additional you'd like to share?

I currently have a giveaway on Mommies Who Love Freebies for a set of 3 cloth balls!

Tina Dean Designs...a giveaway!

Another anniversary celebration giveaway, and this one is sponsored by the wonderful Tina of Tina Dean Designs!

I first met Tina through The Artisan Group, and we have definitely become creative cohorts...brainstorming amazing clutch designs, talking about what keeps us inspired, emailing about parenting questions and triumphs.

I will admit that I didn't really understand what Tina's method was when I first heard of it. Plarn. What the who? But, it's seriously genius (recycled bags made into plastic-yarn aka: plarn) and it feels so good to carry and use something that is upcycled and repurposed.

You already know about the amazing black VHS tape clutch she's made me, she's made YOU something!

small TDD peppermint basket full of....

Sweet Stella's seasonal notestack, 8 holiday favour pouches, 2 tiny stacks and a paper paillette ornament!

Over $50 value!! Great for gift giving, or for keeping for yourself!

{ornament may be substituted for another colour or pattern}


Mompreneur Monday: Batikwalla

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!! We had a busy one here with our first craft show of the season, then starting to reorganize and rearrange my studio/guest room to stage it for showing since we'll be selling out home in a few months.

Today, I have a fantastic MOMpreneur to introduce you to, Victoria Dresdner from Batikwalla. Victoria specializes in really unique batik designs, and if you are into earthy vibes, yoga and being centred, this is the shop for you!

What do you do?
I am a batik artist!

How do you maximize your time as a busy mom running a business?
I'm most productive when I have a deadline to meet. It creates a buzz in the household and my kids seem to know it is time to let me work. But if I'm only doing a couple orders at a time it's easy to step in and out of my studio and get a little bit done throughout the day. It really adds up. As long as I stay steadily productive with the batik while switching back and forth to maintain the family life I know I'll be on track.

What do you see as your greatest challenge being a MOMpreneur?
Balancing my time is the biggest challenge. Even with the exhilaration of a deadline I still always wish I had started earlier.


What advice do you have for other moms looking to start a business?
I would suggest taking small steps, and not to underestimate the value of those small steps, as long as you keep going.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about Batikwalla?
Yes, Christmas orders should to be placed in November, with December 7 being the absolute last day I can make a batik and have it delivered in time for Christmas. Original batik pieces take a long time to make, especially in the winter months. However, archival prints and batik patch embellishments (which make great stocking stuffers or sweet little gifts to the crafty divas in your life) along with finished ready-to-purchase batiks will be available to be shipped in time as gifts for all the last minute for Etsy shoppers throughout the month of December.

Sponsor Love: Tina Dean Designs

A month or so ago, I introduced you to an amazing sponsor of mine...Tina Dean Designs. She's the awesome chick who's making my messenger bag for BlogHer...

Well!! She's also just finsihed making me a fan-freaking-tastic clutch that I can use for the evening events.

What's really neat about this clutch is that it is made out of upscycled VHS tapes!! What's even more was just featured at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Award Gifting Suite hosted by GBK Productions.

And do you know what's REALLY great about Tina Dean Designs? She's sponsoring a giveaway here at Sweet Stella's next week! You can enter to win a TDD crochet basket full of Sweet Stella's goodies starting MONDAY!!

Fabulous Friday: Catching Up with Nikki

A few months ago, I introduced you to the fabulously creative Nikki from Nikki, In Stitches. She's so brilliant at what she does, and I was fortunate enough to snag one of her amazing headbands for my son's first birthday photo shoot.

photography by Rosina di Trolio

What's Nikki been up to since we last chatted? Well..

First and foremost, she launched a brand-spakin'-new site. It's a gorgeous haven for how-to's and DIY projects, Nikki's amazing creations, and her awesome blogposts.

It's bright and wonderful and lovely!

She's also been named Doer of the Week over on Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers. She was even able to go and meet the craft Goddess Martha herself in New York City at the Dreamers into Doers Event. What an incredible honour and experience!

Nikki is a true dreamer, and a true doer. She has a fierce determination, coupled with an imagination and knack for colour that comes along once in a blue moon. Her designs are unique, beautiful and original...and I absolutely love them.

What else is keeping Nikki busy? Well, she just launched an e-book!

How gorgeous is that, seriously?! Turquoise and red, with a splash of white!? Amazing!

The e-book has been so incredibly well received, and is full of tips and pointers on how to make your home a handmade wonderland for the holidays. It even has 3 projects with full instructions, that you too can create in under an hour. Yes that's right...Nikki knows the value of time, being that she's a busy mama as well as an artisan!

Her step-by-step gorgeous guide is available now on her website, so beat the holiday rush and get those projects finished you can enjoy the holidays with your nearest and dearest!
Catch up with Nikki today on Twitter, Facebook, her new site or drop her a line

Y3W: Tina Dean Designs

I have been waiting allllll week to post this!

My first real honest to goodness product sponsor for BlogHer'12!

I first met Tina when we joined up with The Artisan group, and we've really hit it off. When I told her recently that I'll be attending BlogHer'12 next summer in NYC, she mentioned how neat it would be for me to carry one of her bags at the conference.

We got to collaborating this week and have decided on a messenger-cross-body bag, that I can keep all of the essentials in.

  • water bottle
  • media cards
  • business cards
  • camera
  • cell phone/blackberry
  • wallet
  • notebook

Her items are awesome; 100% ecofriendly and she creates them by using grocery bags, VHS tape, things of the sort to create plarn. They are totally chic and lovely, and I cannot wait to represent TDD at BlogHer with my Messenger bag!

Tina recently participated in the GBK Productions 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards Gifting Suite, where her wristlets were loved by Catherine O'Hara, Penny Marshall, and Nina Peeples. The Celebs were chomping at the bit to get their hands on them, and Tina has received such amazing feedback from them about her work!

I think I might have to get a wristlet for the night events, and just because I'm a clutch-loving-girl and think that repurposing and upcycling is so incredibly important!

Check out Tina Dean Designs! Have a colour preference? Start saving your bags and she can create one just for you!! I sent her a whole whack of green grocery bags that are unique to a Canadian store, so she can start and Eh! line (clever, eh? I thought so!)

Looking to sponsor and be featured at BlogHer as well as other opportunities such as twitter parties and gifting suites? Let me know!

Y3W Friday: Holiday Gift Guide

See that new fancy button over there to the side?? The one with the presents?? The one that looks like this??

Holiday Gift Guide

Well...the official Holiday Gift Guide from The Artisan Group has been pinned! In it, you'll find a crazy amount of holiday gift suggestions for every one on your list, be they young or old, from amazingly talented artisans.

Have you started your Christmas or holiday shopping yet? I did just the other day...a few stocking stuffers for my son. He'll only be 1 (and a half!) this year at Christmas, so I'm thinking bath toys, balls, things like that. I guess similar to last year, but a little more grown up. I also got some great little notebooks (Toy story themed) in the clearance bin at Michael's the other day, I figured that they'd be good with a box of crayons for when we travel.

What's on your Christmas list this year??

Don't forget to link up with Jenni!

Y3W Friday: Jeff and Annie

As you may have noticed, I've been a little MIA this week and for some very good reasons.

1) my husband has been travelling for business, so I've been incredibly on the go with our 15month old
2) it was my birthday on Wednesday
3) it is my best-friend's wedding tomorrow...and I'm making her cake {sneaking in a quick blog post before getting started on fondant work today!}

What has made this week exceptionally great was getting these three photo's from the GBK Productions Primetime Emmy Gifting Suite...on my birthday

Jeff heart seriously stopped for a second (maybe millisecond) when I saw this. Amazing!

Annie of Charlie's newest Angel's! Simply gorgeous!

"She's a big fan? Of course! I'd LOVE to pose with her stationery!" -- Jeff Probst

Now, the stationary that they were holding...that their wonderful hands actually touched (can you even imagine? I made something that Jeff and Annie held in their own two hands!) was taken home by one of the lovely gals from GBK Productions...but...

It can be reproduced, and even made custom...just for you!

The Big Stack featured 60 pages of hand cut patterned, solid and textured acid free papers, all stamped with acid free ink in the lower right hand corner. It was then bound with chocolate brown recycled twine.

Get YOUR hands on one today!

Don't forget to link up Your Three Words with Jenni!

Special Post: Emmy's Wrap Up Party

Well quickly as it started, it's all over now. {but is it??}

The GBK Productions gifting suite wrapped up yesterday at 7pm in lovely Hollywood. Again, the founders of The Artisan Group were on their toes hob-nobbing with the celebrities.

Which ones came through? Well...Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family, Ana Gasteyer from SNL, Lorette Divine from Grey's Anatomy {love her!}, Christa B. Allen from the new show Revenge {excited to see this one!} as well as cast members from Desperate Housewives, The Office {LOTS from the Office! Oh My!}, and GLEE.

Everyone has been getting really awesome feedback, and the celebs are even tweeting with us!

And we even got really awesome feedback from Gavin, the CEO of GBK Productions. He loved some of the products so much that he took them home, including a super sweet tutu from Atutudes for his daughter.

I think I can speak for all of the artists when I say that the excitement has been contagious, and only good things can come to us all from being involved with The Artisan Group!

Want to be a part of the action??

TONIGHT at 9pm EST we're hosting another Twitter Party!!

- Follow: @atutudes @ajsweetsoap @sweetstellas
- Answer Emmy related trivia questions (hint: open Google,, and the Emmy's site for help!)
- win amazing handcrafted goodies like hammered earrings, stationary, glass pendants, photographs and more!

See you tonight!

Special Post: Let the Emmy's....Begin!

Today marked the kick off of the GBK Productions Gifting Suite for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Award, and did it ever go off with a bang!

Valerie, the founder of The Artisan Group, was awesome about keeping us updated about who was coming through the doors and over to our display...

First was Lorraine know...from The Sopranos!!

As the event went on they saw castmembers from Modern Family, Glee, Good Luck Chuck and...the moment where I thought I was either going to vomit or pee-my-pants from excitement, Jeff Probst.

Like....Survivor. As in...drop-your-buffs-you're merging Jeff Probst!

Apparently, he chatted with the ladies for TWENTY MINUTES and raved about TAG and how much he loved what we were doing. Amazing! Purely amazing!

I cannot wait to see who posed with this...

Fingers crossed for some Modern Family, LOST or Mad Men love!!

Special Post: launchHER


Another reason to be thankful today...the notestacks that I made for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards Gifting Suite (being set up at this very moment by The Artisan Group!) was featured in the September launchHER newsletter!!

Sweet Stella's is the featured Send A Note today!

What a way to {almost} end the week!!

{HUGE thank you to Kristal from Atutudes Handmade Tutu's for alerting me to the feature!}

What's Next Wednesday: Shipping To The Emmy's! that my notestacks are all packed up and ready to go {being shipped in the morning}...What's Next??

The next big project that I'm working on is more baking than anything else. I have a wedding order for cupcakes, a cake and cookies for this coming weekend...and then in just over a month I am doing the wedding cake for my best friend's wedding.

Here's what I've been working on!

Chocolate, Blueberry and Vanilla cupcakes

Frosted to look like Hydrangea' did I do?

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting...that tastes like Cinnabon!

Chunky Peanut Butter Hershey Kiss thumbprints

And oh darn...I may have baked too many...and we may have needed to taste test some!

Emmy Given Wednesday: Display Piece Reveal

Today's the day that I reveal to you the Stack that will be going on display at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Award GBK Productions Gifting Suite!! (I still can't get over that!)

I absolutely love these colours! Teal, mustard, royal blue and muted purple! Throw in some stone and some white and....voila!

Stamped in the corner with a purple finch, tied with recycled twine

1" (or so) of handstamped paper! A labour of love...and a lovely labour at that!

What do yo think??

Y3W Friday: TAG Twitter Party!

It's nearing the date for the Nomination Twitter Party for The Artisan Group!!

July 14th, 8pm EST marks our second Twitter Party, where tonnes of handmade goodies from incredibly talented artisans!


- Follow @sweetstellas, @atutudes, @ajsweetsoap
- Follow#artisangroup
- Answer trivia questions asked by @atutudes. Correct answers will go into a draw for prizes (drawn by
- Engage in fun chat with @ajsweetsoap about your favourite shows, actors and moments!
- Stay up to date on the latest happenings by following @theartisangroup
- Winners will be announced on Twitter, and reposted here on July 15th!

The prizes have grown since our first twitter party, and we are incredibly excited to announce our line-up for next week!

Sweet Stella's, photo memory box
Beez Kneez, stationary
Tina Dean Designs, wristlet purse
13 Black Cat Designs, handpainted necklace
Studio827 KC, journal
LCVintage, vintage jewellery
Ilene Price Design, notecards
Aromatic Health Shop, choice of one product from her shop
Nathalie Girard, Open Pinch Hoop earrings

And back by popular demand....bonus questions at the end!! 3 awesome prizes will be up for grabs from Beez Kneez, Sweet Stella's, and Helena Pion Photograhy!

See you on Twitter!

Emmy Given Wednesday: Extra! Extra!

The Press Stacks are done!!

I went back to the drawing board on the journals and decided to gift the Stacks to the Press, with a bit of a twist.

Pretty purple birds....all tied up with chocolate brown recycled twine! I absolutely LOVE the way the twine twists and turns up off the pages!

If you're wondering what happened to the journals, don't fret! They're still being created and are in the embellishment stage right now...and will be available very soon for you (yes! YOU!) to purchase on Etsy! In fact, today I found the most gorgeous and delicate feathers (feathers! New to the Sweet Stella's tool box!) to enhance and play off of the bold abstract painted covers. I am oh-so-excited to share them with you, but for right now there are some very important custom birthday orders that need my attention!

Join me next week when I reveal my display piece!