My Year in Review #coaching #reflections #yearinreview

Yesterday, I posted a graphic to make you take a few moments to let the happenings of 2014 sink in and let you evaluate the things that happened to, and for you.

Today, I wanted to keep myself accountable and post my own reflections.

My word of the year was Grow...

I did just that.

10 Goals Accomplished
  • exhibition in a Toronto Gallery
  • running through my pregnancy and completing a 5km race at 8 months pregnant
  • staying true to my goals and not compromising for anyone
  • signing up for the WDW Marathon 10km
  • having blogposts through the end of the year completed by May 12th so I can focus my energies on clients and new projects
  • developing new projects for 2015
  • running a successful charity campaign
  • grow the time spent meditating and being mindful
  • start juicing
  • secure my position as an expert in my field, own it, grow it, know it
5 Happy Accidents
  • the creation of mobiles
  • feathers turning into wall art
  • the best customer ever in Idaho
5 Regrets
  • now growing the time spent with my husband enough; we grew it a little (especially during pregnancy) but not nearly enough
3 Ways You Helped
  • started teaching workshops and seminars with Shop Local
  • helped a good friend realize her own inner strength and encouraged her to stand up for herself
  • helped my BFF with her Thirty One business and supported her at her first vendor event
3 Things Forgotten
  • mom guilt...and forgotten as in I do not have time for it, so it just doesn't exist for me. I know I'm doing the best that I can for my boys, and that my priority is a happy, healthy I can be a good mama for them
  • in I forgot how bizarre of a time it can be at around 8months pregnant
  • those who didn't positively impact my journey; sometimes, you truly just have to let them go
Notice how not everything is filled out? That's okay. This is my journey, and it will be entirely different than yours.

This year was pretty incredible. We celebrated birth, we mourned loss. We grew as a family, grew closer to those who truly matter. We embraced new challenges, found beauty in times of darkness, and emerged through it all together.

So how will this shape my 2015?

I have some big projects on the go, so if blog posts aren't daily...I apologize in advance. I am currently working on a book, inspired by my gallery exhibition Purpose, and have a slew of other ideas in my journal for future books. 2015 will be all about curating inspiration and stories of purpose.

Happy 2014, friends. Thank you for being there throughout this past year to witness our growth and to grow your own journey's!

#UnderArmour Micro G Toxic Six #Running Shoes #review #ua #iwill

After Insanity, C25K training and running four races, it was time to trade in my Nikes and get something new.

I have some pretty big goals for my running this year, namely to run more races {yes, even though I'm pregnant!} and collect more medals than in 2013. Right now, I am registered for 3 official races, with 3 more to register for, then there are 4 LOST series runs that I am set to complete.

I have also noticed that after about 3km, my toes go numb. I talked to Amy at Under Armour about this issue, and about my prenatal fitness plan, and she suggested the Micro G Toxic Six.

First and foremost, I was really impressed with how lightweight these shoes are. I'm not a fan of clunky running shoes, and sort of like to feel the ground beneath my feet. The Micro G Toxic Six Running Shoes are definitely a minimalist shoe with a very natural feel to them. Check out the bottoms!

In terms of construction, the offset laces definitely relieve pressure on the top of your foot, which means great things if you ever experience numbness while you're running. One tip though, since the laces are offset, you don't need to tie them as tight as you would a normal shoe. I made that mistake on my first run, and experienced a little bit of numbness, but once I figured out the issue and made adjustments, I was good to go.

If I could compare the feeling of wearing these running shoes to anything, I would say that they almost feel like you are wearing compression shoes. They fit like a glove to your foot, and it's a perfect fit every single time. This is because of the molded neoprene upper, that moves with your foot.

Another bonus are the perforations in the heel and toe of the shoe. They are SO breathable. My first run with them was in Florida and boy, was it hot and humid! No more gross sweaty feet, and stained socks!! Such a nice change from what I am used to. The last time I went for a pedicure, the nail tech commented that the bottoms of my feet look shredded. I told her that I'm a runner, and it made sense: my shoes weren't breathing and my feet were just used to being sweaty.

If you're in search of a new pair of running shoes, I would highly recommend the Under Armour Micro G Toxic Six. Design wise, they are beautiful, and they are the best fitting running shoe that I have tried yet!

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Under Armour, and received these shoes for the purposes of the review. All opinions expressed are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.


Word of the Year 2014

My friend Stephanie over at A Grande Life is hosting a 2014 Word of the Year link up, and it got me thinking about what my overall goals are for the coming year.


What do I want to accomplish? Is it something all encompassing, or are there specific areas that I want to work on?

So for the year 2014, I have chosen

I chose the word Grow for a few reasons, and not just because my belly will be.

To me, it means to evolve, change and adapt; all things that will be happening once baby is here, but things that are constantly at the forefront of how I live my life. It also pertains to specific blog related goals, and some personal achievements that I am hoping to accomplish.

Here are my goals.

1) Grow the number of races I run in 2014. I've already signed up for a 5km in May, am looking at one in April, and am going to be completing 4 legs of the LOST running series. That makes 6 races which puts me in line with 2013. All before baby comes. There are at least 2 races that I'm looking at for the fall, so this goal will certainly be attainable.

2) Grow my readership. This is probably a pretty standard goal for a blogger, but if you don't have a strategy and you're just wishing on the stars for your readership to grow...good luck. I have a strategy, and thankfully some really awesome blogger friends to bounce ideas off of.

3) Grow as a mom. Since our family will be literally growing by two little feet, I will naturally grow as a mom. I'm sure that my heart will grow new room for this baby, and I hope against hope that I have enough sense of mind to go with the flow. My expectations on myself are alot lower this time, there's less room for failure but I would like my patience to grow, and my appreciation for myself to grow as well.

4) Grow the quality time spent with my husband, and my children. {eek, I just said children}. I have a plan, and I know that a certain road to a certain firey place was paved with good intentions, but really truly seriously I have a plan. Dates with my Bear, dates with my Hubs and dates with my babe.

5) Grow my plan for my really really big goal for 2015. Ideas are swirling, and only a handful of people know of this will get revealed little by little next year.

So...what's your word?