Superhero Birthday Party #Favors

Party favors are something that moms take very seriously. You want them to be fun, but not a bag of junk {wow, did I ever fail with that last year!! Everything was edible!}.

I so so so badly want to do capes and masks this year. I think it's such a fun idea to be able to give the kids something like this at the beginning of the party so they can all play superheros in the backyard together.

Check out these masks!

While we won't have those exact ones, we've sourced out mask sets locally at a party supply store ($.99 for each fabric eye mask!) and the capes will be handmade, but simple. Just basic cotton fabric rectangles with velcro closures. Easy peasy, but coordinated with the theme and fun for the kids!


Sweet Whimsy Designs: Handpainted Peg Dolls and Nursery Decor #giveaway #sponsor

I'm not even sure how I stumbled across Sweet Whimsy Designs to be honest, but I have been following the amazing artwork of Leandra Sweet for a while now and have been so incredibly impressed with her attention to detail and the care that she puts in to every single set of peg dolls that I knew I needed her to create something amazing for our nursery.

We started talking early this year about my nursery plans, which have all been inspired by Where The Wild Things Are. I love the imagery in the book, and when Leandra said that she had been wanting to play with nesting dolls for a while now, everything fell into place.

Leandra took such a simple, raw idea and turned it into something incredible. Words cannot fully express just how much my husband and I love our Where The Wild Things Are nesting dolls. I am simply amazed by the amount of detail on them, and again, the care that Leandra took when creating them.

She even included a Max peg doll for Big Brother Owen in the package, which he adores and plays with all the time. Such a sweet sentiment, and so incredibly thoughtful of her!

So, what is in the Mom & Baby Giveaway from Sweet Whimsy Designs? A full set of ninja pegdolls!

Have an idea for a set of pegdolls or nesting dolls? Contact Sweet Whimsy Designs and I promise you, Leandra will take your simple ideas and create a masterpiece that will be treasured for years.

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Sweet Whimsy Designs for being one of the Mom and Baby Giveaway sponsors. I did not receive compensation for this post, and all opinions expressed are my own.


How To Make an Art Center for Children

This week in New Year New Home we focus on making your children an art center, while sticking to a budget.

We all know that with toddlers come a never ending amount of art paper, crayons, color wonder crayons, chalk, modelling clay...usually it all gets tossed in a basket and set out of reach of toddler hands, so as to avoid the inevitable mess they will make.

What kind of creative process is that?

I'm so excited to have given our son his own little creative corner. What used to be some pretty drab shelves and baskets for his toys...

Pretty boring, not a whole lot going on there since we rooted through all of the toys and got rid of anything that he really wasn't playing with.

But now? Oh it's a haven for reading and creativity!

My little guy has his own easel, from Ikea, with all of his supplies, colouring books and work books right at his level so he can foster his creativity and run wild with imagination.

The best part? By using the things that we already had on hand like baskets and supplies, the only thing new for this area was the easel. And was $20!

Stay tuned to New Year New Home as we talk toy storage and labelling with Lovable Labels in two weeks!