Wanting to review or feature Sweet Stella's on your blog? Here are some pointers, tips and specifications we'd like you to consider!

  • What is your target market? Our products appeal mostly to mom's and women, so please make sure that your readership is suitable.
  • How many blog followers do you have? To maximize exposure for us both, please let us know how many Google Friend Connect followers you have. While we understand that readerships are ever growing and changing, please ensure that you have a stable following of 150+ prior to messaging us about a review.
  • Are you on Facebook and Twitter? Again, while we understand that these number are ever changing, please ensure that you have a stable fan base of 150+ on Facebook and 300+ Twitter followers prior to messaging us about a review.
  • What product would you like to review? As our products are all handmade to order, please be specific in your request so we can make the best be sure to make the best possible item for you to review.
  • Do you require a giveaway or coupon code for your review? Please include this information in your request. As our marketing budget is limited, we cannot fulfill every giveaway request but are happy to offer coupon codes for your readership should our resources be limited at the time of your request.
If your blog is chosen to review Sweet Stella's, please include the following in your feature:

  • Links to our Etsy shop
  • Links to our Website
  • Links to our Blog
  • Links to our Facebook fanpage
  • Links to our Twitter page
  • At least 2-3 medium size photo of the product that you are featuring
Interested in featuring and reviewing Sweet Stella's? Email me at! Please include the information above!