BlogHer and Sponsorship

What is BlogHer? In short, it is a well connected community of brands and women bloggers who cover every topic from fashion and art to pop culture, pregnancy and parenthood, as well as food, love, sex, money and politics.

I gained so much in attending BlogHer'12 in New York City this past August. I was able to engage with bloggers across many different genres, and meet with brands who are genuinely interested in working with bloggers who write quality content. I was inspired to take myself more professionally, hire a blog designer and encourage others to reach deep down and discover their blogging voice.

In July 2013, I'm off to The Windy City {Chicago...holla!} to become a better blogger. I want to take you with me...oh so very much...and expose your brand to over 5000 bloggers and brands, and establish connections that just might give your company or blog the boost you are needing.

Please contact me for details or view the slideshow below!