Sink Your Hands into the Earth

Spring is finally here and there is so much healing to be had when we get outside and dig our hands into the earth.


Whether you are planting pots of succulents for your patio, sewing seeds of wildflowers to attract bees and butterflies, or even new trees to create homes for wildlife - sink your hands into the earth!

And give the little ones a job! Ask them for help when you head out to the garden centre and let them pick a few plants that can become their responsibility. Things that are easy to care for, such as

  • sunflowers

  • lettuce

  • beans

  • tomatoes

  • pumpkins

  • watermelon

Andi f your green thumb isn’t the brightest shade of green (mine sure isn’t!!), try things like spearmint and day lillies. They spread like crazy, give loads of colour to your garden, and you can even use the mint leaves in different recipes and in fresh juices!

The point is, get out there and get growing. There is something really gratifying about ripping up the grass to make way for new flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. There is also something really amazing about watching the process of planting, watering, and growth happening.

Sink your hands into the earth and don’t be afraid to get dirty!