Not Your Mamas Book Club: Boundaries


Our topic of boundaries stemmed from conversations from our first “Not Your Mama’s Book Club” We all recognized it was something we all needed to work on.

I started my search immediately with podcasts, I had a pretty good idea of the type of audio information I was looking for.
Although, I was very surprised after stumbling across Magnanimous Warriors “Boundaries” podcast. It was certainly easy to follow and understand, but the view and perspective she had around Boundaries was quite intriguing and completely unexpected. After sharing it with Shannon, we knew it would definitely be one that sparked good, in-depth conversations amongst our group of Moms.

This month, instead of having the Moms check out the material prior to our meeting, we played the less than 15minute podcast while we were all together.
Immediately, the first response was “that was not at all what I had been expecting.”
Which really made us giggle, knowing we too, had felt the same way.

Magnanimous Warrior spoke to Boundaries from (I think), a very refreshing and positive point of view. She viewed it as change in our attitudes or “tones” as she put it. She spoke a bit about The Laws of Attraction and how many of the issues we may have with people and our relationships, may actually stem from how we allow people to treat us.
Specifically, she states “we teach people how to treat us.” Which is a very fair statement.
Many people in our lives have the belief that our Boundaries are selfish, likely in those cases, it’s the people who are on the their side of those, said Boundaries.

Boundaries are put in place to create protection and safety. They are a practise of self love and self care. We talked a lot about them from this angle, with the same belief that they are very crucial to our survival in life and that maybe they become easier to create in our lives once becoming a parent. As we’re known to have an innate ability and drive to always want to protect our children; we’ll do whatever it takes to do so!

It was a topic that challenged our current mindset and also one that forced us to reflect upon unpleasant relationships or previous traumas. The conversations were deep, supportive and brought out a lot of love and care from one Mama to another.

Hope you can join us next month!