Connect with other Moms

Community and connection; the foundation that parenting was really built on.

As parents, we crave that connection early on. I mean...there's only so much small talk that you can make with an infant, and singing the same songs over and over. Once our partner is home, we bombard them with every adult word in our brain.

But why can't we bring ourselves to real time...with other moms?


I suppose it's the fear of judgment, but really...we are all in the same boat just trying to survive, so why aren't we connecting more?

This month, connect. If you see a mom struggling in the grocery store with her toddler in tow, or go to a drop-in play group and see someone looking equally as scared as you....connect.

Connect. Share. Grow together and create a sense of community.

We are all just trying to survive this game of parenting!