Why I Care More About Your Brain Than Your Boobs

Hey Mamas! Today I wanted to talk about something and be super real with you about a sometimes controversial topic: breastfeeding.

The main thing that has been on my mind lately is how many moms we see go through a tough labour and birth, and immediately the focus is on breastfeeding. All too often do I hear let's get baby to breast while mom is delivering a placenta and sometimes a bit groggy from birth.

For some women, that works incredibly well and is exactly what they want. For others, it is an overwhelming thought and can cause a huge amount of mental spiraling to happen. Add in hormones that are out of whack due to a steep drop in estrogen, spike in adrenaline, flowing prolactin (sometimes)....

I care more about your brain than your boobs


Don't get me wrong, I care about your boobs too and supporting your efforts in breastfeeding is crazy important to us, but we care so so so much more about your mental health and helping you adjust to the demands of parenting and supporting you through transitions like sleep deprivation, mom guilt, relationship struggles, and self care routines.

And I care about your brain because if your brain isn't in it, your boobs aren't going to work.

Your mental health as a parent is instrumental to how you will function as a parent. And I say this as a mom who's mental health was not working after her first birth experience, and it deeply damaged my relationship with breastfeeding, my body, my spouse, and my baby.

If your brain isn't working...if something is happening that is preventing you from processing your birth experience, from taking care of your own needs, from interacting with your baby or your spouse....your boobs aren't going to work.

Making sure that your mental health is supported, that you have a nurturing and comforting person to go to that you can trust and unload things to, that you feel confident and wonderful in your role as a parent...that's what we care about.

Your boobs are great, hell...they're glorious and can do amazing things. But your brain...your brain is incredible and we want to make sure it is strong, balanced, grounded and able to function so the rest of your body follows suit.