No Apologies Necessary

Our conversations about the kind of parents we wanted to be often consisted of us using the word flexible. We shared a mutual understanding that just because we were parents, didn’t mean we were going to stop doing things – within reason, of course. We were looking to establish a routine that was, dare I say it…flexible.

As a Registered Early Childhood Educator (and now Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula), I know how important sleep is, each age/stage requires a certain amount of sleep and naps are essential if you want children to be more successful in sleeping through the night. I am well aware of all this, educated and fairly experienced – I think.


Our first babe created her own schedule and it took her some time before she began sleeping 7pm-7am each night; but now at 2.5 years old she sleeps through the night and is pretty flexible in terms of her day to day routine. Last Fall she began taking part in classes that would make her late getting to bed, but she adapted and we’ve had no issues.

But now we’re parents of TWO. Our second babe has completely thrown us for a loop (which everyone says happens). She came home from the hospital waking only once or twice through the night – then she hit sleep regressions, milestones, teething and sometimes, quite frankly – we’ve just had a busy day and now she’s waking more through the night.
So, we began slowing down. We drew our attention back to her cues, focused more on what she was needing. Oppose to assuming she could keep up with our previously established routines. We also reached out to Sleep Consultant – Lindsey Smith.
Our babe is now 9months old and we are facing the reality that we are not at a stage to be a flexible family.

And guess what? I’m not going to apologize for that.

We’re a newly family of four, functioning with two different sleeping schedules, we do what we have to do! This may mean we can’t fly by the seat of our pants, we’re unable to stay late at family functions and we’re certainly unable to appease every single person in our lives.
Again, ain’t nobody got time to apologize for that! It’s unnecessary!
This Mama now does her grocery shopping online, it’s a quick and easy pick up! We’ve now become even more appreciative of those friends who drop what they’re doing to bring us Advil, when we have one babe with a fever and another one sound asleep. Or the family members who add a few of our errands to their list so we can insure the babes are fitting in both naps in their own beds. It’s a beautiful thing when you’re able to create this supportive village who understands your family comes first; and that you may (for the time being), not be very flexible.

Please do not forget, we’re never alone through these experiences. We all have our struggles. Just know – we don’t have to struggle through them alone. We’re here for you!


  • Amanda