Why We Can't Live Without Our Snuggle Me Organic

As I was nearing the end of my second pregnancy, I was doing a lot of research into products such as baby nests and the Dockatot, they all seemed so unattainable as they were crazy expensive and I never truly fell in love with anything but the prints some companies had to offer.

My daughter was born and I still had nothing aside from a swing to use while I ran to the washroom, made something to eat or while trying to divide my attention between my new born and my toddler. Sharing my struggle amongst my girlfriends, one of them suggested I look into the Snuggle Me.

Here is what I discovered;
The Snuggle me was created by a Mom (of seven) and her mother-in-law, about eleven years ago when she experienced an overwhelming sense of guilt that there never seemed to be enough of her and she had little to no help.
She states, “I needed someone to just come in and hold a baby for me. That was it. Someone who could relieve this sense of guilt I felt when I had to lay these babies down.” – Mia Carr
With that, these Moms went to work to create a sensory lounger that could snuggle babies when Moms just simply need a moment.

Here it was, The Snuggle Me. I hadn’t even purchased the product, but I fell so deeply for this family, the love and the passion this Mom had behind creating a product that gave the support to a child that every Mom longs for.


Our family purchased a Snuggle Me Organic, which is made in the USA. It was to be a Christmas present for our daughter, but let’s be honest… it was truly a gift for all of us.
We instantly fell in love with the softness, the ease it brought to washing and keeping it clean; but most importantly the sense of security and calmness it brought to her while she laid snuggled inside. It is something that is also so easy to travel with. We began napping her throughout the day in the Snuggle Me. It fit perfectly inside her bassinet and while we jumped into the hustle and bustle of the holidays, no matter where we went she had a little piece of home that brought the comfort she need to drift off to sleep while celebrations occurred all around her.

Our little love is just over eight months old now, sleeping in her crib, but still within the Snuggle Me. This was another huge bonus to this product, children tend to not outgrow it. The design allows them to be snuggled securely around their torso (like they're being held), while their legs eventually stretch out and hang over. Even our preschooler sneaks in from time to time to take a rest, it is just that cozy.


We certainly all have our products as Moms, which we cannot live and/or survive without. I’d have to say this is definitely mine, being a Mom of two. Which is why it has been so important for me to share with you all AND why it was of utmost important for me to reach out to this fellow Mama and ask for a Snuggle Me that we could use with our clients. Many families would prefer not to drop money on products they’re unsure they or their children may not enjoy, so we’re here to help with that; supporting you however we can.

Have any questions?
Don’t hesitate to reach out, amanda@sweetstellas.com
Want to look into this particular product yourself, check out snuggle_me_organic on Instagram, our their website at www.snugglemeorganic.com/