Rest Peacefully and Be Still

Whether you are a brand new mom, or you have kids who are moving out of the house and are off to college, university or the next phase of life....this month we encourage you to take a few moments to rest peacefully and be still.


It can be hard to find these moments, and sometimes actually taking them for ourselves feels selfish. But here's a secret (that's maybe not so secret)'s not selfish at all.

Personally, I like to take the 15-25minutes between my kids bedtime for myself. I get the little one to bed, and then sometimes just go and sit in my office. If I'm really lucky, I might even sneak into bed with the iPad and watch a show for a half an hour...uninterrupted and in silence. Sure, I'll get a text from my husband wondering where I am or what I'm doing...but it can wait.

In that moment, I need to rest peacefully and be still.

I need that moment of silence and peace to decompress after a long day. I need that moment of stillness to reset my brain and breathe.

And that is perfectly ok.

So the next time you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, take a few moments to rest and be still.