What Goes into an Overnight Package, and Why?

So you want to engage in some Overnight Doula Care, but you're not entirely sure how to proceed. Well, it all begins with a conversation to assess your needs!


We start our overnight care with a free consultation where I am able to obtain a clear picture of what your family’s needs are going to be and how I can make this a positive experience. The next step is to doing some nighttime planning! This is where we will talk about sleep routines, bed time, feedings etc. Setting up a schedule is next on the agenda. As an overnight care client, you have continuous support via text and phone from me for the duration of our time together. You would also have access to the Client PDF handbook, checklists and referral on our Sweet Stella's website. Your doula will listen to any concerns you may have, answer any questions and develop a plan to help you lighten the load.

I often put self-care packages together for my clients to help them get in to a routine of taking care of themselves. These packages, specifically for overnight care, can include eye mask, ear plugs, Essential Oils Lavender Roller Balm, Bath Bombs or Shower Melts, Sleepy Tea, and Sleepy Lotion. I make these packages with items from Local Vendors who value Self Care just as much as I do. I choose items specifically based on my individual clients, and no care package is ever the same!

I find putting these special care packages together, regardless of the reason, to be so important. I always want my clients to know and feel important, valued, cared for. Our parents’ take so much time caring for their littles’, it’s my job to take care of everyone!

A significant amount of time goes in to overnight care, as your Doula will meal prep, do some light housekeeping, and baby care, including bottle preparation and sterilization, all while you get a peaceful nights rest. That means, you indulge in a full night of sleep (ear plugs in and dreamy music on), while your baby is tended to. If there are overnight feeds or changes that need to happen, I tend to that. If baby is going through teething or growth spurts and is particularly fussy, I tend to that. Your doula is there to tend to every need baby has while you take care of yourself