How an Overnight Doula Set You Up for a Positive Day

It's so much more than making sure you get a full night of sleep! Your overnight doula is in constant contact with you throughout the day to ensure you are having a positive day, and to help you navigate the points of the day that aren't so awesome. But how do we do that?


After getting a full night of uninterrupted sleep, parents wake up to fresh coffee, breakfast and a well-rested baby. Your overnight doula helps around the house with some light housekeeping, to help get you caught up on those daily chores that can easily get pushed to the side.

I often see parents struggle with anxiety, frustration and depression that can be caused by sleep deprivation. Parents can be very emotional, irritable and tired. Any feelings that develop due to lack of sleep can be so exhausting on the entire family, putting extra strain on those relationships. Overnight care can help alleviate the stress by taking away the responsibilities of parenthood as there is someone there specifically to take that role on and allow you to take care of you. We take the baby monitor out of your room and allow you to have a full night of rest.

We all know how important eating a well-balanced healthy diet is to our mental well-being. Making a healthy and yummy breakfast for my clients each morning gets everyone started with a full belly and ready to take on the day. Coffee and tea are also made fresh for you to enjoy!

I like to prepare delicious and healthy breakfasts each morning that are quick and easy to prepare. Some of my favorite recipes are Brown Sugar Oatmeal Stuffed Apples, Pancakes and 5 minute Quiche Cups. I come prepared with a book of recipes that I have collected over the years and make breakfast based on what is available in the kitchen. Families are able to make special requests that can usually be accommodated.