Top 5 Calming Songs for Birth

It's been a while since we chatted about some of our favourite things to have on hand for labour and birth, so we thought it was high time to talk about one of them: music! Music is such an integral part of our lives and it evokes such incredible memories that can really get those happy love hormones (oxytocin) flowing!

When we are doing a bit of birthPrep with our clients, we talk to them about setting up two playlists on their phone; 1 for high energy (early labour when things are exciting and 1 calming playlist that will be helpful during the more active stages of labour and the quiet moments where mom might need some rest.

Today, we are going to talk about the latter of those playlists, the calming playlist. This is where we love to use instrumental music, ballads, soft voices to really bring the energy down and give mom some space. The use of privacy and the bath (or shower) or even just some along time in the bathroom goes along really nicely with a calming playlist, as well!

1. Volume 1: Joshua Stoddard


This album is comprised by 4 song that flow seamlessly into one another. It is very airy and light; almost ethereal and it is one of my favourites to fall asleep to at night. He also has chakra clearing tracks that are about 5-7 minutes in length if you like the sound of chanting here and there!

2. Black Sea Waves Symphony: Francios Tresorier


If nature sounds are more your thing (and personally, I think  they're really amazing if you're labouring in the tub!), this track is over an hour of the sound of waves. At times they are powerful, and other times they lull out and are super peaceful. Again, this is a track that I love listening to at bedtime and has been specifically helpful in encouraging our little guys to settle down for the night.

3. Relaxing Within: Pablo Arellano


Created with pad and piano, this 87 minute track is the epitome of serenity. It transports you to a more spa like environment, takes the energy down and inspires a sense of peace and calm like I have never found in another track. It is one of my most used pieces of music.

4. Closing Meditation: Shantala


There's something really hypnotic about the deep, consistent lull of this track. The music is eastern, I couldn't even tell you the instruments used if I tried but they are definitely from a kirtan background. There is a bit of chanting and melodic singing in the track as well. It is truly beautiful! If you do any type of yoga, this would be the type of song you would hear during savasana.

5. Miracle: Nina Lee


A gorgeous song about birth, Miracle is actually from an album dedicated to pregnancy. The songs are incredibly moving, which is exactly the type of music to play during early labour when you're excited and filled with anticipation. It's an emotional time to connect to the final moments of your pregnancy, and to gear up for the moment of birth. This album is beautiful and will carry you there.

Whatever music you find the most soothing, whether a tranquil instrumental, classical music or a lyrical album that you feel emotionally connected to, load it up on your phone and have it ready for labour. You may just find that it speeds things up when you allow those emotions to flow easily!