When In Doubt

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by the demands of parenting and being an entrepreneur, I like to retreat a little. And not in a way where isolation and depression creep in, but in a really mindful way where solitude and silence become moments of reflection and clarity.


I think back to the first 6 months postpartum after I had Owen. Everything was a blur, I was sleep deprived, my postpartum depression was awful....I didn't feel like myself at all.

But in those moments of silence when I could sit quietly with myself, I did.

I was me again.

And I didn't feel isolated at all. In fact, I was pretty great company!

And to be honest, that's when Sweet Stella's started. In a moment of quiet, sitting quietly by myself, in the thick of my depression and anxiety and rage. Something just for me that I could pour my heart in to.

Try it. You never know where it might take you!