Save Your Nipples....And Keep it Local!

Locally saving nipples, right here in London, one mom at a time.

Lunah Life!


Handmade, quality products using all natural ingredients with a touch of moon magic. Lunah Life`s nipple butter is the simple and effective choice for breastfeeding mothers. This healing salve not only works amazing (tried and tested), smells amazing but also is infused with a delicate piece of rose quartz making it one of the most stylish products postpartum. Rose Quartz is said to assist in feminine health and postpartum healing while the relaxing scent helps aid in encouraging milk flow by reducing stress. Even at a year postpartum, this nipple butter has been a life saver for my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter. Cluster feeding still happens this far into our journey too, and let’s not even talk about the teeth.

Reducing stress is one of the most talked about part of a self-care regimen to producing more milk, a better bond with baby and in turn a better postpartum. No one who has cracked, sore, bleeding nipples is happy (or should be). SO get this amazing local product, maybe even a few of them. Keep one at your nursing station, one in your diaper bag and even one bedside your bed.


It’s so more than JUST a nipple butter! It can also be used to heal cuts and scrapes, cradle cap, bum rashes, cuticles, psoriasis, eczema, cracked heals, and even lips etc. My personal favourite use, especially during this cold season, is for those crusty noses for baby and toddlers. The healing salve has helped prevent cracking and bleeding on my kiddos sensitive little noses. A product that makes my life a little easier, works wonders and looks this pretty is a recommendation in this mom’s book!

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