Reflexology for Postpartum Relief

Recently, we were contacted by Nikki Yeager of The Relievery, a holistic business she owns with her best friend that really has a moms health as their top priority. When she wanted to share an article about reflexology and postpartum healing, we jumped at the chance to have her write for us!

If you are looking for a local reflexologist, let us know! We have some connections and often go for reflexology ourselves to help with energy clearing!

If I were to tell you that there’s a holistic remedy that’s been shown to be effective for increasing milk supply, easing the first bowel movement after a c-section, and decreasing postpartum depression, you may not believe me.


But guess what? There is, and it’s a wonderful modality called “reflexology”.


Reflexology is the concept of applying acupressure principles to the feet. We have thousands of nerve endings on the bottom of each foot, and those nerve endings travel up to different body systems, organs, etc. Reflexology practitioners believe that by stimulating the nerve endings on the feet, we can bring balance and release blockages in the associated body systems. While science is just starting to catch up, reflexology has been around since ancient times with recorded instances of it’s use as early as the Ancient Egyptians.


I personally discovered reflexology as a new mom. My husband would regularly give me foot rubs to help relieve my tender, swollen feet. At the same time, I decided to help a friend of mine launch a company to empower women with holistic self-care knowledge. With her knowledge gained during a Holistic Health Practitioner program, she invented socks with reflexology points printed on the bottom for Pregnant and Postpartum women. I got to test the socks with my husband, and those sessions worked miracles on my body. For months after giving birth, I’d experienced moderate hip pain that only got worse throughout the day, but after a few weeks of my husband using his knuckle to apply pressure to the “hip” point, that pain finally subsided.  



Since then I’ve learned so much more about reflexology. Not only can it help women with postpartum discomforts, but there was a study done in 2008 that showed reflexology during labor can actually help decrease the pain intensity and duration of birth!

If you’d like to incorporate reflexology into your self-care during and after birth, it’s best to start by visiting a qualified practitioner. You'll be able to find dozens of reflexology maps online for free, but make sure to exercise caution if you're still pregnant, as there are certain points you'll want to avoid. You can also check out these 5 free reflexology points that outline points for the lower back, emotions, sciatica and more.

Nikki Yeager is a freelance writer who tries her best to balance personal wellness and motherhood. She is Co-Founder of The Relievery, a company she created with her best friend to provide holistic self-care products to pregnant, birthing and postpartum women. You can follow The Relievery on Instagram or Facebook. Doulas can learn more about reflexology during pregnancy through The Relievery's new Doula Training.