Be Quiet and Still

There are so many lessons to be learned while sitting in the quiet and stillness.

As moms, the moments of quiet are few and far between. I know in my household, there is often one child chasing the other, hockey sticks banging on the kitchen floor or giant bouncey balls being thrown at each other (like right now as I'm writing this!).

The moments of quiet are few. And these children certainly don't know how to be still unless they are sleeping!

So as a mom, I find it incredibly important to start and end my day with quiet.

At the beginning on the day, I take my time rising for the day. I am slow and mindful, and I relish those moments where the older one is getting himself ready for the day and the younger one is still sleeping.

At the end of the day, as I get ready for bed, I am mindful about my process. I do everything methodically from putting on my pajamas to taking our my contact lenses to smudging our room and giving thanks for the day.

Be slow.
Be quiet.
Be still.

There is so much to be learned and gained from these mindful practices, and as moms...we need them.