Labouring at Home

There's a big reason why we encourage clients to stay at home during labour for as long as possible.


You're able to control your environment, and feel at ease in your own surroundings, which will help with the flow of oxytocin and labour progression.

Think about your home for a moment. Picture yourself there.

You feel safe and grounded. You feel loved and cared for. The environment is familiar, so the stress hormones are already lower.

You can eat and drink as much or as little as you'd like, and you can move around freely. You can rest, you can bathe, you can just be.

If your plan is a hospital birth, spending as much time at home prior to heading to the hospital could help you avoid a longer stay in your birthing suite.

When contractions are too much to bear, and you can't talk through them anymore, and comfort measures are failing....head in!

Being at home brings incredible comfort, and control.