Birth and Your Doula

Birth from the perspective of your doula is an incredible thing. We get to see you at your most vulnerable, and your most triumphant. Truly, it is an honour to support a woman during birth!

While every doula is different, we often find ourselves...

  • Applying counter pressure
  • Placing cold wash cloths on foreheads and backs
  • Fetching popsicles and freezies
  • Rubbing Partners back
  • Holding moms hand

We do whatever is needed in the situation, and sometimes that includes excusing ourselves to the waiting room to give you space. Our role during birth is whatever it needs to be, and that is largely determined by how your labour unfolds and what your wishes are.

We want nothing more than for you to have a positive birth experience and we will do everything in our power to try and help that happen for you. We strongly believe in your power as a woman, and know that you can do this.

We are your champion. We are your cheerleader. We are your doula.