Body Image During Labour

9 months

40 weeks

Body changes during pregnancy happen relatively quickly when you take a step back and think about it. Inside, organs are shifting and moving around to make room for a human life that will grow from a poppyseed into a watermelon in just 40 or so weeks.

That's a huge amount of change so it stands to reason to think that it can be difficult to wrap your head around and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Much like the article earlier this month which deals with your identity fare you have a baby, the physical manifestation of that identity is that body that you lovingly (or not so lovingly) look at every day.

Keep in mind that while your body is changing rapidly, it is also doing something truly incredible. It is building a life. Your body now has two heart beats, two sets of lungs and organs. Your body is growing a brand new organ to sustain the new life inside you.

Your body is amazing.

While things will shift and move, while hips may not go back to their narrow state pre-pregnancy, you body is beautiful and it is working hard.

Celebrate it! Every stretch mark, every bump. Every new inch that you discover.

Celebrate it and embrace it, for it is building life.