Mother's Day Giveaway!

In celebration of Mother's Day, we've gotten together with two incredible London, Ontario businesses for a gorgeous giveaway!

A Moon and Two Stars creates beautiful breastmilk and memorial keepsakes. Jessica Hale, owner and creator, says it so eloquently. " I believe every woman should celebrate her breastfeeding journey, whether it was for a week or over a year, every moment matters. I also make keepsakes from cremation ashes, flower petals, pet fur, first curls and fabric (from wedding dress, baptism dresses, baby blankets, etc) "

Her designs are truly one of a kind, and paired with a stunning necklace from Poag's Jewellers, is the perfect way to honour you this Mother's Day.

Not sure what you would put in your pendant? I personally think the first curls from my boys would be lovely, with a little bit of soil or flower petals from where we've plated our roots.


Ready to enter for your chance to win this incredible and personalized prize? Click through the entry form below, visit the sponsoring businesses pages and give them a thumbs up.

Happy Mother's Day!