Labour and Your Doula

Labour. It's an exciting time if you're an expectant parent, and it's equally exciting for us doulas! We eagerly await that text message or phone call, ringers on high volume with the most obnoxious ringtone known to man.

Watching a woman give birth, holding her hand or stroking her forehead, being there to support her in her absolute most vulnerable moments is something that is truly incredible.

The most important thing to remember when you are starting to feel like this could be it is to call your doula. There is a time and place for emailing and texts, but when you are feeling the beginning stages of labour it's really important to call your doula.

First and foremost, it is likely going to be really comforting to hear their voice. Additionally, it's important for your doula to hear your voice and read your tone. We can sense a lot just in a quick phone call, and can typically hear if there is any hesitation or fear, as well as if you are able to talk through any of your contractions.

Labour is the Superbowl of birth; the big game. When you call and let us know how you're feeling, typically we are by your side within an hour at most and can bring the energy down just a smidge, allowing your body to relax and do its beautiful work.

Labour and your doula. The moment we are anxiously awaiting for, so we can support you in your birth.