Explore Your New Self

When you become a mom, there's a shift in identity. All of a sudden, you aren't just you but you are someone's mom.

Long ago were the days when you were called by your first name. Now you are


And in social circles like preschool, daycare and school you are Owen's Mom, Graeme's Mama etc.

You lose a part of your identity. You change and shift and are recreated into someone new. It can be an extremely difficult thing to wrap your head around and this new version of your deserve some exploration.

Take time to get to know this new self.

What are the things that you enjoy doing now that you are a mom? Are they different from things that you enjoyed before? Are there things that you miss about life before you became a mom?

Take time and be understanding. You've spent 20+ years or so being you and now all of that has changed.

Find your new normal and embrace it.