Fertility: Your Body, Your Journey, Your Choice - Yoga

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I mentioned in an earlier post that Yoga is a great form of exercise and is good for fertility.  It is great for balance, toning, flexibility and preparing your body for pregnancy. Yoga can bring an overall balance for your body, physically and mentally. 

Fertility Yoga uses certain poses that can assist your body in strengthening, supporting and nurturing your reproductive system.  

There are other benefits to Fertility Yoga as well:

• Increased energy flow • Helps to balance hormones • May clear blockages or adhesion's in reproductive system • Increases circulation • Supports healthy immune system • Supports the body in detoxifying • Helps with mental struggles of your journey • Calming environment to reduce stress

Given all the benefits listed above, what do you have to lose? At the very least it’s a night out! 

North Yoga & Wellness in London offers Fertility Yoga, and their instructors are great! By doing yoga you are strengthening your reproductive organs and muscles that are used during pregnancy and child birth, so it is a big benefit.

I challenge you to find a yoga studio near you and give Fertility Yoga a try!