Slow. It. Down.

This month in Mindful Motherhood, it's all about making time to slow down.

Sounds counter productive, doesn't it? Making the time, just to allow things to slow down. It sounds like you'd be wasting time, and putting so much effort into making all of the time.

All. Of. The. Time.

The thing is, we lead such incredibly busy lives as parents that we often don't have the time to just slow down and notice. Notice the details, the moments shared. It can be difficult, and then life passes us by.

This month in Mindful Motherhood, make the time to slow down.

Be intentional with it this month. Sink into the slow down, and allow yourself to unravel just a little bit.

Eat slower

Move Slower

Think Slower

Love Slower

Breathe Slower

Whatever you do, make the time to do it just a bit slower this month. Notice all of the details that surround you in that moment, breathe them in and let them live in your heart with just a little bit more intensity.

Slow It Down. You'll be glad you did!