Labour Support with an Epidural

Many people think that if you're hiring a doula, you're likely having an unmedicated birth. Most have visions of doulas with long flowing hair, the smell of sage and patchouli, and chanting.

What they don't realize is that the type of birth we attend is determined by one thing: the client. If the client is wanting an epidural birth, awesome! We will be there, and will come packed with knowledge of how to support you before, during and after your epidural.

One of the biggest things about labour support when you've had an epidural is helping you to manage the pressure. The changes in pressure are still going to be felt by mom, although not painful, and keeping communication open about what mom is feeling is key. We often are there asking questions about what the pressure feels like, if it's located in a particular spot and then communicating that back to your health care team.

We can also do things such as fetch ice chips, water, and popsicles. You simply ask, or let us know what you need, and we will do it or get it for you!

Additionally, your doula can help with different positioning to help make you more comfortable while you wait for the anesthesiologist, then again after the epidural is in place and your movement is somewhat limited. 

After birth, when the epidural wears off, you may need assistance getting up to use the bathroom, or simply repositioning in bed if you're wanting to stay there.

Ultimately, doula support is tailored to the situation whether you choose to have an epidural or not.

It's your birth and we support that.