Seasonal Changes and Pregnancy

Pregnancy lasts 40 (ish) weeks, which means more than likely you are going to experience at least one if not two seasonal changes during the duration of your pregnancy. What can you expect?

First and foremost, depending on your estimated due date, you may have a bit of a baby belly during the winter months. This means slippery sidewalks, lack of sunshine, and cumbersome winter clothes. Be aware of your surroundings and always err on the side of caution!

One thing to keep in mind to help with seasonal changes is to keep your wardrobe simple. A basic pair of maternity jeans (we love the ones from Thyme Maternity!), a few sweaters and a few tank tops are really all you should need to get you through the bulk of your pregnancy. Heavy maternity coats, unless you live somewhere particularly chilly, are likely an unnecessary expense.

If you're between sizes and maternity clothes aren't quite your jam with the full belly panel, think about going up a size from what you would normally wear for things like tshirts, sweaters and leggings. Forever21 is a great place for inexpensive, trendy pieces that you need for only a short time.

As summer approaches, do whatever you can to stay hydrated and cool. Crank the AC at your office or home, put some fruit in your water bottle, and invest in an inexpensive kiddie pool for the backyard.

Seasonal changes can be difficult to manage while you are pregnant, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that it's temporary, and that your comfort is the biggest priority.