Third Trimester and Your Doula

So, it's just about baby time! You've entered your third trimester and the nesting has kicked in. Baby showers are in full swing and you're anxiously awaiting signs of labour.

But how do you know what to expect? Even moms who have had babies before often wonder about the start of labour, and this is a great time to turn to your doula.

Starting around 32-36 weeks gestation, your biweekly appointments with your health care provider will turn into weekly ones. Monitoring of both mom and baby will likely be a little more frequent and there are some tests coming that your provider may or may not recommend.

Having a doula there to answer questions and help you figure you would like your process of birth to go can be incredibly helpful. If you haven't been to this stage of pregnancy before, you likely have a lot of questions brewing! Here's where your doula comes in, with support and experience, to ensure you questions are answered in a timely manner and to let you know what your options are.

At this stage of pregnancy, options are a huge thing and if you don't know what they are, you have none.

Starting around 37 weeks or so, you will likely be asked about your birth plan. We like to call it Wishes and Options, because the overall plan is to have a baby.

Talk to your doula and ask you questions. The ones that keep you up in the middle of the night and the ones that pop into your head in the middle of the day.


Get the answers you need and make a list of options that interest you. Stewart the conversation and get ready.

The best is yet to come!